• Update February 2016. – Brian Frum has posted the latest Bootsie the Cat news (positive). 

  • GOOD NEWS – Brian has told us all that the Bootsie You Caring is closed. We have made enough to ensure he has treatment and Bootsie is staying with his foster mum Jenna. You may not know of Brian’s friend Jenna but she is one of those utterly amazing people who change the world with their quiet love and determination. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Jenna for taking Bootsie from that storm drain, and keeping him safe.

You all know Bootsie, the cat at risk that the team at Dash Kitten has been working hard to fund raise for, with Brian Frum who is hosting the You Caring appeal. Now we need YOUR help to find Bootsie a Forever Home.

This is a serious and earnest request to all our readers – worldwide. Your support for Bootsie the Cat has been immense and heartfelt – we know from our auction – now we ask again for your vital, important and loving help.

“Bootsie is beyond a love, sweetest most well behaved kitty you could ask for, honestly he is the greatest!”. Bootsie is a 10 year old kitten in adult’s fur, full of fun, and love.

Bootsie the Cat Needs A Forever Home (Facebook Size)

Do you feel you can give Bootsie the Cat a home? The Nitty Gritty for potential adopters:-

  • A South Carolina local adoption is very preferable – potential adopters will be vetted. Transport IS available for Bootsie to the successful adopter.
  • If you feel you CAN step up for Bootsie and wish to apply:- ADOPTION APPLICATION FORM
  • Bootsie will need to be an inside only cat to remove the risk of any future ear infection.
  • Any questions either contact us in the comments below OR speak to Brian and his Dad brian AT brianshomeblog  DOT com

Bootsie the Cat

Spread the Word on Bootsie the Cat:-

Blog, Share on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Linked-In. There are three graphics below – created to Ann Adamus of Zoolatry ** THANK YOU – Ann **. You should be able to copy these (any problems give us a shout we will help). Add to a Tweet, add to a FB post or add to a blog post – SOON! We can all help Bootsie the Cat

  • Even if you are not local to Bootsie in South Carolina you can still work those social media shares, blog, and spread the word for one small cat who needs our support. You can either share our post (using our media buttons), or if you prefer, share Brian Frum’s post here.

All all our best wishes, hope and love,
Team Dash Kitten,
Miranda, Harvey, Silver and Phoebe.



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