Ungow! The Story of Fester Cat

Ungow! The Story of Fester Cat

Our senior cat Peanut says this……. Ungow!! but it was not until we saw it written down by Paul Magrs in his wonderful book The Story of Fester Cat that we looked at the word….. Ungow! and realised, yes that’s exactly what it sounds like, the author is SO right!

Fester The Cat by Paul Magrs

The Fester Cat Story

We feel we need to bring this book to the attention of our friends because we have finally found a book that stands alongside ‘Homer’s Odyssey” in terms of writing quality, humour and emotional depth. An excellent review by Barb on Amazon says “The story starts in an unusual way, which took me by surprise. It starts at the end, when Fester is not feeling well, can’t understand why he can’t do the things he normally could. He is after all 18 years old.”  Starting at the end brought us up short, we asked ‘what the heck can he do now’ – we took a deep breath as we read, watching Fester’s spirit race the boys home. Ungow!

Read on, please, keep going and watch as the story unfolds, going back in time; telling how Fester arrived, the lives of his friends, the strong and commited bond that grows with his new family Paul and Jeremy, and the events that make up their lives.Put in such simple terms it sounds quiet, almost mundane – and this is where the sheer quality of the writing of Paul Magrs comes into play. In his hands Fester’s humour and observations take on a real magic – and the ups and downs of Fester and his family begin to matter to you very much as you laugh, grin, worry and weep at the life of a wonderful cat.

Read about Fester, its a wonderful book – Ungow!

Where to get The Story of Fester Cat :-

Miranda Kitten


  1. manee thanx miranda for sharin yur thoughtz bout this book…this does sound veree good N we will head over two amazon N chex it out….

    happee trout thurzday two all XXX

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