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Tuxedo Update and Interesting News From the Vet

Tuxedo Update and Interesting News From the Vet

Regular readers will remember our dramatic portrait of Teddy, taken while he was finding his paws with the Dash Kitten Crew. He was discovering his place in the kitty heirarchy and we were concerned, if you remember, how his lack of manners would put his settling in at risk.

It’s time for an update on Teddy’s settling in and most, importantly, his vet visit.

An appointment was booked for last Friday, as we finally felt Teddy’s settled enough to be take-in a carrier to the vet. Here is the vet’s considered opinion. He is a vet we value highly and who we would recommend to every cat owner in the Hutt Valley. He is a genuine cat man.

Tuxedo Update and News From the Vet

Teddy’s Health Report

Teddy is approximately four years old and has not been neutered. He is in good health and now has his first inoculations (with the booster when he goes in for his snip surgery in two weeks time). He is otherwise in good health and will also be chipped when he is under anaesthetic. This means we can add him to the pet insurance policies which is a relief.

We were surprised he had not been neutered as Teddy has never sprayed anywhere in the house. He has been living inside for over five months and except from his frightening Jack and then Sunny a couple of times he has been calm and quiet and beginning to settle down with the rest of the Dash Kitten Crew. After Teddy’s surgery we will feel happier letting him explore the garden and may not need to keep him in his own bedroom overnight.

Teddy is now more officially a member of the family than before!

Tuxedo Cat Hairy Paw

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  1. I am glad Teddy has a clean bill of health and will shortly be neutered. He is a handsome boy.


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