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Tuxedo Cat In A Plant Pot

I practice what I preach when I take photos! Not only do I tell you to get low to take a good cat photo, I do it too (and get very dusty in the process). This is new boy Teddy who you will remember from my dramatic tuxedo photographs in black and white. He has taken to enjoying sun time on the deck.

I bet you don’t see a tuxedo cat in a plant pot too often but, he does look happy and contented. No one else wants to nap in his favourite spot and there is plenty of diffused light to show off his fur so Teddy is definitely enjoying the New Zealand Summer.

Cat laid in a plant pot looking to the left.
Teddy the Tuxedo Portrait – ISO 400 55 mm f 6.3 1/320

How is everyone’s weather? I am guessing there will be plenty of indoor photos if there is a lot of snow in the Northern Hemisphere!

16 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cat In A Plant Pot”

  1. What a wonderful shot of beautiful Teddy! You can really feel the joy and warmth from the photo. Great photo!

  2. How furry hansum yore Teddy iss Miss Marjorie!
    Wee hope you an THE Kittiess are safe from rain an floodin!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  3. Teddy looks like he’s perfectly content! It’s Summer in New Zealand but winter here in the United States. I’m in the Northeast and surprisingly other than a few hours of snowflakes, it’s been a mild winter so far. This is definitely not typical, but I’m not complaining! LOL Enjoy the weather!

  4. Teddy looks so comfy in the pot with the plant, I am sure it is cool if it is hot in your land at the moment, I bend down lately to take pics of Layla and then can’t get up LOL. It has been warm here the past couple of days but the cold has arrived again.

  5. Teddy looks so comfortable in his perch in the plant. Clearly, this is an example of grabbing THE picture at the right time – even if it’s not a picture that you set up or envisioned ahead of time. Sometimes, they just create the perfect scenario for us!

  6. What an absolutely delightful photo of a beautiful tuxedo kitty! You’re right! You do say to get low. You know some days that’s easier than others – especially when there’s no snow. I’ll have to keep reminding myself to get low for Henry’s photos. I have to say Henry does love our wine barrels. That’s not nearly as low as your flower pot. But it is full of snow at the moment. I’ll keep it in mind though as Spring approaches.

  7. This is the cutest photo! He’s so sweet, and he does look awfully comfy in that big pot LOL! We live in Florida so it’s always warm here, although we will be travelling North later in the Winter to do some skiing!

  8. Teddy’s a gorgeous tuxie! He looks very settled and comfy there! Gray skies and chilly in the southeastern US.

  9. What a cute picture of Teddy. We have mostly cloudy skies with not much snow and mostly rain so outdoors it is very muddy.

  10. Its chilly and snowy here today…(SW Michigan).
    That is a wonderful potted selfie, Tuxie-Tedddy!

  11. Well, I’ve heard of the Cat in the Hat, but never the Cat in the Pot! There’s bound to be a story or two to had out of that! Lovely shot of Teddy.
    PS. Is he into snooker? Pot Black Teddy rather suits….


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