Welcome to our quick and easy presentation tricks for bloggers.

When you need to focus, it is often the simple things you should work on, not fuss with elaborate strategies, SEO, or worry about shares and statistics. Overthinking is a big blogging time sink. Don’t do it. Keep your focus and read on.

A question for you…

How do we look? How does the blog ‘feel’ to you? Welcoming? Friendly?

Do you enjoy coming for a visit to our corner of Middle-Earth? Are we easy to read?

All of these things are part of our blog’s ‘presentation‘, how we look to the world. Many advertisers have noted that pet bloggers worldwide have high standards of presentation. Standards that, we believe, are the envy of many other bloggers. Sponsors find pet people an attractive advertising proposition.

Easy Tricks for Beginner Bloggers
Don’t Stress!

OK let’s run a check list on the marks of a good pet blog :-

  • Clear bright pictures (watermarked, if possible)
  • Well written text – a long or a short post is fine.
  • Unique character or presentation
  • A sense of integrity i.e. you trust sponsorship/reviews and value the blog’s judgement.
  • A clean clear blogging style.

Presentation is key and ‘readable’ text is important 

We want our posts to have impact and to be understood.

Tricks for Bloggers

Here’s some of the things we have learned since we started blogging

  • Don’t make paragraphs too long

Sometimes you have a lot to say. This is fine. Just break it up with sub-headings or an image or graphic. One of our best blogging pals is Nerissa’s Life, with cat blogger Seville. He writes longer posts than many but check this out – well presented text interspersed with images. 

Seville might, if he needed to, use a sub-heading. It’s all about keeping your post in visually ‘bite sized’ chunks with good punctuation and grammar.  Savannah does it so well with well placed images. How long is the post? You are too absorbed by the good presentation to tell!

  • Use a Line Break (a gap between paragraphs)

Running long sections of text together is like reading a snow blizzard in word form, whatever your device or browser. Make it easy for your readers, a neat line and clean break works every time.

  • Check at how your post looks in ‘preview mode’ for odd gaps or mis-aligned images

It’s a favourite trick of ours, missing a slightly over large gap, a mis-aligned picture or a spelling mistake. Switching to ‘preview’ means we see it as the reader will – it makes a difference.

  • Don’t have a twinkling graphic in the sidebar

Fun and funky within a post is fantastic, and we purrsonally love sparkle. Our friend Bionic Basil makes good use of the shimmering elements to his blog. A big BUT is something in the sidebar. This distracts from what might be an important message within your post, or even worse, distract from a sponsored, blog post.

Our Founder Cat Dash Kitten liked International Pet Blogging month a lot. It takes place every year. September was a cause for celebration.

Dash imagined us all reaching around the world, helping, encouraging and teaching each other. We have never met some of our best friends but we have seen their blogs, and that is as good as it gets.

Silver Kitten
Tricks for Bloggers Editor
SILVER on the Kapiti coast






10 thoughts on “Tricks for Cat Bloggers – Presentation

  1. Pawesome advice & great tips ~ Especially this week when we’re wundering what on earth happened to our blog stats!!!!

    We can do a check list with a tick box system and as far as we can see, we’re doing it right! MOL

    Purrs from Basil XOX
    Basil recently posted…Thoughtless on Thursday with BasilMy Profile

  2. Those are great tips ! Having a well written text (in French at least !) without spelling mistakes or endless sentences is very important to us ; it’s easier to translate as well, even if we know that there are a lot of mistakes in our translations. But you all know we do our best to communicate with our non-French-speaking pals, right ?
    The Swiss Cats recently posted…Comment fabriquer un abri pour chat pour l’hiver ?My Profile

  3. Great tips! I preview my blog posts several times before posting or scheduling them to go live – you never know when you’re going to have a broken link, a link that doesn’t open in another window (thus taking the reader away from your blog), or a photo that’s the wrong size.
    Summer recently posted…All My 2016 Calendars Are Here!My Profile

  4. silver…tell thiz ta dai$y !!!! coz her haz mastered de art oh de run on sentence…like noe one we haz ever seen… in all R combined 37 peepul yeerz 🙂 insert hearts XXX

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