Treasure Your Local Vet

Treasure Your Local Vet

Treasure your local vet, especially if you know and trust the person who takes care of your animals. We join Brian on Thankful Thursday for a very special reason.  

Your Local Vet – a Lifeline to Pet Health

Why do I say this? Well, we recently found out our own vet, Dr. Ian Hughes, who we know and trust with every fibre of our beings, is seriously ill. His heart of gold meant he treated cats and dogs in need when their parents could not afford the vet fees. This has left his practice at a low ebb especially as he can’t work. So we want to say what our vet means to us.

  • He fought to keep Dash Kitten alive to the best of his ability when Dash was attacked by dogs. Dr Hughes tried, even if he couldn’t win, to keep Dash here for us.
  • He never, ever, told us ‘your cat is too old/too sick/Not worth it’ – he always worked with us to heal, and fight the anipal corner.
  • His ear surgery on Harvey and treatment afterwards was the world’s best. Reassuring and sensible even when Harvey looked a mess ‘post-op’.
  • He helped us say goodbye to Sooty, Cuzz-Wuzz, Little ‘Un and Peanut with sensitivity and care. He also took care of the funeral arrangements and returned their ashes, working with a lovely sensitive company.

What is Instagram? Stars tell us.

When Your Local Vet Needs You

Now our vet is in desperate straits and we are adding his appeal widget so his anipal friends, and humans can honour a kind, loving and wonderful member of the Veterinary Profession. There is a post on the New Zealand Herald that mentions a host of stories about our vet.

Here is the appeal launched on behalf of Dr. Hughes who went into debt so his patients might live. He is a wonderful man, we are thankful for his care. We are told every last cent goes to Dr Hughes and he needs it at the moment. (Amounts are in NZ dollars)

Donate via Givealittle
The Dash Kitten Crew
who love our local vet
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  1. We are blessed to have an incredible Vet! We try to acknowledge him at Christmas and his birthday (and ALL YEAR!!) He is an Angel. Years ago when my Angel Bobo was ill he gave me his cell phone number. He has let me send photos of Cody’s allergies without bringing him in……he has always been there for us. He is beyond special!

  2. He is such a kind and wonderful human being and we are so sorry to hear about his situation. We treasure our Vet, she treats all of us as if we were a part of her family. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. My sisters love our vet, so does cat bro Bert, but kitty sis Sophie and I are scared to death to go to that place. They are nice, but it is way too scary for us there! Mom loves our clinic and is always thankful we found it.

  4. Ian Hughes and his wife Lorna…what a fantastic team these two have been over many many years, caring, rescuing and treating animals , and in many cases their owners as well with compassion , .
    I only learnt of Ians illness today …after a traumatic incident within the family. Straight away I thought of all the little wooden boxes at home that have all passed through Ians hands …and I am so grateful to have had such a caring vet treat and care for all our pets enriching their lives and ours.
    Even when we moved from the Valley …I remained with Stokes Valley Vet Clinic …I didn’t want anyone else looking after my beloved pets…
    Thank you Ian and Lorna for your years of dedication to all the animals who came into your care…Now its our turn to be there for you both …let us all do what we can to say thank you in your time of need…

  5. We are so sad to hear that such a wonderful human is so gravely ill. Dr. Hughes sounds like a terrific vet, and it sure is touching that people are donating to help him, just as he helped all of them and their pets, for so many years. Hugs, purrs and prayers.

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