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Top Dash Kitten Images 2023

OK I am feeling pretty unwell. I have bronchitis and do not have much energy for a selfie, so I am taking this opportunity to gather some of my favourite blog photos from 2023 into a fun showcase to inspire you..

All of these cat photographs have appeared on the blog this year, and Kitties Blue selfies friends will recognise some of them. I hope you love them as much as I do.

To save you chasing after each blog post, let me describe these fun moments. One or two have fun posts and I will link to those.

Taz Gets a Scritch

Taz is a neighbour cat who visits. He poses nicely but this one is but the cutest capture as he enjoys a sunshine scritch from Paul. OOooooh yessssss!

black cat being scratched on the head

Jack Enjoys A Sun Puddle

Jack is a senior boy who loves the bed and naps a lot. I captured him lit by the sunshine and when I adjusted the image to black and white he looks so serious and thoughtful.

black and white portrait of a cat. Closeup.

Shooting in RAW is one of the best black and white tips because it will give you a better foundation for editing your photos. RAW images opposed to JPEG, contain more information and a higher dynamic range. This gives you more control over your black and white photo.

Studio Binder

Honey Up High

Honey was a feisty neighbour cat who was not afraid to confront on of the Dash Kitten Crew. These images were shown with a long zoom lens so I got the lovely soft leaves around her.

Tabby cat poses looking upwards through foliage.

Miranda’a Dramatic Attack

Not one of the most artistic images of 2024 but, thanks to the Emergency Vet in Wellington, one of the best. I have never shown readers the horrific image of Miranda with the arrow still in place as you would find it extremely distressing but this is Miranda “post ‘op” and being examined by our local veterinarian. Miranda’s story is here.

An arrow laid on a brown towel.

Miranda Recovering

It would be unfair to leave you with such a frightening photograph when I have a special one of a proud tuxedo enjoying the sun on the road to recovery. You can see over her shoulder that her dark hair is growing back and soon her coat will have grown to full length. We are not sure if it will be completely black yet!

Tuxedo lounges on a wooden railing


Cutest Kitten In The World 2023

One of my favourite kitten photos from an experimental visit to take photos of a kitten adoption event. I am not the world’s best kitten photographer (they move so fast!) but I loved how this one turned out. A charming little ginger looks curiously over its foster’s shoulder.

Ginger kitten looking over a woman's shoulder

Do you have a favourite of the cat photos I have chosen here? Let me know!

12 thoughts on “Top Dash Kitten Images 2023”

  1. These are all pawsome photos – but best of all is seeing Miranda on the road to recovery. As We hope you will soon be too…

  2. I really like Honey in the leaves…and yes, also Miranda lounging on the fence rail, all recovered.

    I sure hope you’ll feel much better, really soon, Marjorie.

  3. Mee-yow Miss Marjorie what lovelee fotoss!!! Beefore mee meowss about them wee want to send you POYP an purrayerss fore a speedy reecovurry!! Bronck-hitiss iss UCKY!!! Pleese get well soon…..
    Taz lookss soo sublimlee happy!!!
    Jack iss furry dappurr!
    Wee DUE rememburr Honey yore nayburr cat….shee iss one hi-flyer!
    Miranda went thru so much an it was so carey Miss Marjorie……wee so happy shee has reecovurred!
    Ginger Kitt iss so ADOORBSS!!!
    Now how can wee pick a faverite foto when they ALL are lovelee??? Mew mew mew….
    Meowy Catmess Miss Marjorie an DASH Kitten Crew!
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  4. Those are all wonderful photos…well except for Miranda’s injuries. We wish that never had happened to her. So glad she’s made a full recovery.

  5. All fantastic photos! I especially love the one of Miranda doing well, such a welcome sight! Love all of the others too, but Taz is really extra cute in that picture!

  6. Black and white imagery is super compelling and has so much integrity.
    I wonder if that kitten knows they have just adopted a human rather than the other way around….

  7. Those are all such great photos, Marjorie, though the one of Miranda’s stitches made us mad/sad all over again that some evil person did that to her.

    I especially love the one of Miranda all recovered, and Taz getting a scritch. 🙂

  8. Those are all terrific photos, but Miranda still makes me angry that someone did that to her. Love the cutest kitten ever too. I hope you’re feeling much better super soon.


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