Tonk ‘N Movies Terminator Genisys

Tonk ‘N Movies Terminator Genisys

Does Terminator Genisys follow in the footsteps on the classic movies one and two, or fall flat like the last two? Our Movie Man Owen reviews with honesty, as he pays his way at the movies!

Director: Alan Taylor

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Matt Smith

Time travel movies are a tricky thing. Like how can Character A exist if he goes into the past and changes the future? Like if you kill you father how can you still exist? My theory has always been that the wave of change occurs from that point and perhaps by being outside the wave you still exist. It’s just that you now come from an 

Terminator Genisys Poster

alternate time line but now live in the current time line. Confusing? I somewhat agree. I just go with it and try to enjoy the show.

The Plot – Genisys

Which brings us to Terminator Genisys, the newest entry in the film franchise. Arnold is back as a T-800 model protecting Sarah Connor (Emilia Clark)

  • This is a spoiler warning – There will probably be massive spoilers from here on out so consider yourself warned.

Now the film begins in the future where John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney). Once he arrives where the original Terminator movie begins, things have changed. A T-1000 (liquid metal model) was waiting for him but Sarah and “Pops” (what she calls the T-800) was there to rescue Reese and let him know the timeline has changed. The goal is still the same -Destroy Skynet before it comes online and tries to eliminate humanity. Except Skynet has a secret weapon……

John Connor.

You read that right. John Connor was assaulted just as Reese time travelled excepted he wasn’t killed, he infected with newest technology that turned him into a T-3000 Terminator. As John puts it – “Not man, not machine…..more”. I’ll address some burning questions at the end because a few things have been nagging at me but let’s focus on the film first.

Owen’s opinion …..

Does it uphold the Terminator film legacy? I say yes, slightly. Better than Terminator: Salvation (Sidenote: At the end of that film, John is mortally wounded and needs a heart transplant. Where does it come from? A human/machine hybrid – a machine with human organs. I think they should’ve been bold and had John die and have that hybrid pose as John Connor, but I digress) and Terminator 3 (Sidenote 2: Love how they ended that film with Skynet being born and them not being able to stop Judgement Day) but not touching Terminators 1 & 2.

There’s a lot of action as befitting a Terminator movie and the slower moments don’t affect the overall film. Arnold has some chuckle worthy lines, actually there’s a few for everyone but they’re not groan inducing thankfully. The plot is simple, easy to follow (save for the time travelling – my advice? Just roll with it) and I think the actors did a good job showing how driven they were to complete the mission. There’s quite a few revelations that hit you during the movie, that to me, breath some life into the film franchise. I did get a bit tired of the callbacks to previous lines of dialogue but it’s only a minor quibble.

The crux of this film is John Connor joining with Skynet and basically turning the film and series on its head. Its a bold move, but a needed one. Every edition follows the same storyline – someone travels back to kill one of the Connors but someone else sends back a Terminator/Reese to protect them/help prevent Judgement Day. This rejuvenates the franchise and gives it some life.

I always enjoyed seeing the future of this universe, this gives you a glimpse of it but hopefully one day we’ll get a better film than Terminator Salvation to explore that world. Here’s a thought: How about one of them get send to the future? I know that rips off SyFy’s “12 Monkeys” season finale, but I think Sarah Connor in the future could be an intriguing idea. The writers said this movie’s time line connects to the one seen in parts 1 & 2 which cleared up some of the confusion, but not by much.

Overall this is good action movie, but don’t measure up to the first two films, but redeems it from the previous two and gives the franchise some focus. It’s typical in the simple focus of a Terminator film – Man Vs Machine and stop Skynet at all costs and save humanity, but that’s not a bad thing. Everything should come secondary to that cause. The one thing that stands out the most is turning humanity’s savior into it’s greatest threat. Typical of a Terminator movie it has the big action pieces and it’s a nice rebound for the Terminator series.

Quick thoughts on Genisys: SPOILERS AHEAD

1) The Terminator uses real human skin for a cover. That’s why it “ages”. I always thought personally but some people still seemed confused.

2) I knew they probably wouldn’t do this but why not kill Miles Dyson when he’s young? He created the basis for SkyNet, so if he dies no one develops SkyNet?

3) FYI There’s a scene during the credits

4) Matt Smith’s role was finally revealed – He plays the personification of SkyNet. Not a big fan of Smith but for the longest I thought he might be a Terminator either protecting John or planning on killing him. If I was right I kept thinking he’s a pretty weak looking Terminator. He’s a T-5000 model according to what I’ve seen referenced online.

5) Found out that Matt Smth/SkyNet is from another dimension according to the writers…..::sighs:: I hope they don’t get too convuluted with this story.

Rating: I was always a fan of Terminator films so I might be slightly biased. This is a good action movie, but middle of the road when it comes to the Terminator franchise; but then again few films come close to how great Terminators 1 & 2 are, but again, it’s a solid addition. See It First Week.

1) Mad Max
2) Dope
3) Ex Machina.
4) Terminator Genisys
5) Avengers: Age of Ultron
6) Love & Mercy
7) Jurassic World
8) Chappie
9) Maggie
10) Entourage

I can be reached at @OwenTheTonk on Twitter – Agreements/disagreements welcomed

See you at the movies!








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