Me And Earl And The Dying Girl” is based on the book about a high school senior named Greg (Mann) who is forced to befriend a classmate Rachel (Cooke) diagnosed with leukaemia and winds up forging a real friendship with the dying girl. His buddy Earl (Cyler II) is a “co-worker” (Greg refuses to use the word friend) with whom he makes remakes of movies except he makes them crappily (“Midnight Cowboy” is remade as “2:48 P.M. Cowboy” for example). Remember guys, I don’t see movies for free so my ratings reflect if I got my money’s worth.

Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Starring: Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, Ronald Cyler II, Jon Bernthal, Nick Offerman

Rating System: See It: First Day, First Week, In Theaters, At Home, Don’t Bother

I’ve heard it called a young adult film but it is everything but that to me. Great acting by the whole cast, and excellent direction. I never read the book (obviously) but did read a synopsis of the book and saw there were a few changes so despite being an adaptation snob (meaning I prefer when a adaptation stays true to the source material) my rating won’t reflect that thought process.

Don’t be turned off by the young adult label I’ve seen bandied about, this is a great film. Maybe the best one I’ve seen all year. Not a weak performance in it, as everyone played their roles perfectly. It can get sentimental at times but not sappy. It don’t have the typical type of characters you see in those movies, a bunch of sweet naive but well meaning teenagers. They also have the lead character as someone who is mature beyond his years, but Greg is not that character. He’s awkward, as he should be, since when you’re in high school you are trying to find your way before setting on your path. His buddy Earl is the same as him except he can knock some sense into Greg every now and then. He also the funniest one in the film. Rachel is the dying girl. They were acquantices at the beginning but thanks to Greg’s mom become true friends over time despite a major bump near the end, and it also affects his friendship with Earl as well.

No spoilers here but I hope you go see this film. The hype it got is real. I think this is the best made film I’ve seen this year and the best I’ve seen since “Boyhood”. When I saw Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) in it I didn’t realize it was him till later, which shows how well he played his role. Even Molly Shannon surprised me as Rachel’s slightly flirty day drinking well meaning mother.

The three main actors have a real chemistry with each other and it shines throughout the film. The main one is between Greg and Rachel, with Earl on the peripherey. Don’t be turned off by the title, there’s comedy involved and it’s not inappropiate or anything like that. The storyline also isn’t “teenager” in nature, its more mature than a young adult film storyline.

I’ll probably run out of adjectives soon but I really loved this film. If you’re an adaptation snob there might be some qualms but otherwise this is an excellent film.

Quick Thoughts:

1) Loved the movie posters and the title they came up for their films! Entertainment Weekly has a gallery up showing them off with explanations and such.

2) Rankings, a tough call here. “Me And Earl….” was the best made film but “Mad Max” was the most fun. I had a tough time deciding which I enjoyed more. I enjoyed each for different reasons so think I’ll cheat for now….(so sue me – My column My rules!)

1) Mad Max

1) Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

2) Dope

3) Ex Machina.

4) Terminator Genisys

5) Avengers: Age of Ultron

6) Love & Mercy

7) Jurassic World

8) Chappie

9) Maggie

10) Entourage

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5 thoughts on “Tonk ‘N Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

  1. Crikey, thank you Owen – Nan & Pop would have bypassed this flick without a second thought but you have completely changed their minds. They are looking forward to seeing it now. Thanks buddy :*)

  2. This sounds like a great film! In fact, the main male characters reminded my human a lot of someone she knew just out of high school who were student filmmakers, and she had to look at the credits quickly to make sure he wasn’t involved (he wasn’t – should have been!).
    Summer recently posted…23 Hours on CatalinaMy Profile

  3. owen…manee thanx for de grate ree view…..we never get two de mewviez any mor….tho we troo lee dunno why…..happee day two ewe N de crew….insert hearts ~~~~~

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