Today is World Spay Day

Today is World Spay Day

Today is World Spay Day a day to focus in making neutering pets inexpensive and accessible worldwide. Spaying (girls) and neutering (boys) stops unwanted litters that add to the burden shelters work daily to cope with.

  • OK you want the nitty-gritty? In the USA alone 24 MILLION healthy and treatable cats are killed each year. That’s one every 13 seconds – just count to 13 twice to see how fast these animals are being killed……
  • Many unwanted pets, at an international level, are removed by the most barbaric and inhumane methods you can imagine including poison or shooting.


Is your Kitty neutered or spayed? Good, now help another do the same…

It is our responsibility to stop the tragedy of these deaths the best way we can – by ensuring that low cost neutering is available to everyone, everywhere, worldwide. If you have a local initiative that brings low-cost neutering to those on reduced incomes, or to feral and community cats; donate, give your time – like our buddy Savannah’s Mom Linda. Do Something to stop the arrival of pups and kittens who end up dumped, terrified and utterly desperate, wondering what they did wrong.

  • Worldwide tips here.
  • USA tips here. (A good read for anyone organising Spay/Neuter events)

It is our responsibility. Help however you can. You can start at the World Spay Day site it is full of information, and how YOU can change the world for so many animals.

Harvey Button
Hoarder Survivor,
Neutered and Microchipped Cat
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