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Time Your Visit #52Assignments No. 10

Time Your Visit #52Assignments No. 10

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The theme of this weeks challenge in the #52Assignments series is how to time your visit to make the most of a special view, place or event. As this is a cat blog, the focus includes the effective use of late sun on cat photos and the use of evening light.

The aim of the chapter is to discover attractive locations and shoot them at the most beautiful times of the day. For places like London, or a major European or American city, this might be a building of importance or a view from a tall building seen at sunrise or sunset. For me, as a cat lover, finding good photos in special light of the cat crew was a goal here too.

Cat looking upwards
Sunset Toulouse – ISO 200 55 mm F 8 1/126 © Dash Kitten

Remember that this can be one of the blights of Instagram. People inevitably head to the same point for a selfie (see last week) which puts pressure on the environment so hunt out a new view, a less pressured area for your shot. Look for lines that lead your viewer’s sight to the viewpoint (or your cat).

sunset by the beach
Kapiti Coast ISO 3200 55 mm 5.6 1/4000 © Dash Kitten

Timing and Photo Apps

The chapter gives hints about different weather conditions and how they might benefit your photos. Clouds may make it less sunny but they can diffuse light which is helpful for reflective or shiny surfaces. You could also make a project of one location in different seasons or weather conditions, especially if you can include a cat!

Getting the timing right is about maps and maths and there are apps that can help you plan your shots before you visit…

Adam Juniper

The app recommended is PhotoPills. It helps you work out sunrise and sunset in any location, giving you the chance to be in the right place at the right time. The software is available for iOS and Android and the site is comprehensive and has a helpful official user guide, and workshops.

Dark coated cats look better in natural light
(Settings lost) Miranda Early Morning © Dash Kitten

What kind of tags would I use when I time my visit?

  • #sunset
  • #sunrise
  • #YourAppOfChoice e.g. #photopills (developers will like you!)
  • #YourBlog e.g. #DashKittenCrew
  • #UseTheLight
Cracks in a window with sun shining through
Bus Stop Window, Evening Reflection – Smartphone Photo © Dash Kitten

If you are keen to time your visit, then an app might help especially if you go to a major tourist spot, or if you are visiting a cat rescue in a different country or state. Arriving too late to take good pictures might spoil your trip, so a little planning can make a big difference to your photos.

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10 thoughts on “Time Your Visit #52Assignments No. 10”

  1. That is a great post, full of ideas!! And I loved your images!

    I played with my ISO setting for my Easter pics…some were a total disaster…LOL! Others were made better with some editing. I was using the light from my southern window on a bright but cloudy day. No flash.
    They’ll show up on my blog eventually…

    • Exploring your ISO is a really good idea. Yes, I get disasters too, way too light or inky black but it’s how you learn to get it right.

  2. Those are such wonderful photos, we love Miranda’s expression! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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