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Three Years Ago Today – Dash Kitten

Three years ago today we lost Dash Kitten

Our founder Cat was taken from us in a dog attack just as our blog, our dreams of bringing joy to our friends, and helping other cats, began to take flight. The support we got from our social media friends was immense and total – it kept us in one piece when we felt abandoned locally.

Our sweet friend, the late @NikePurrfectCat and her mum launched a fundraiser on You Caring that reached an unbelievable $600 ($720NZ approx at the time).  This was an astonishing and loving tribute to Dash. Then thanks to friend Teri, @InQuarters14, we received notice that the great @Sockington himself had given Dash a shout out on Twitter.  Dash inspired so many – and we are grateful for the support and love he inspired.

Dash Kitten – Bootsie, and the Momma Kat Hope Chest

Dash’s wish to help cats worldwide continues via the blog. 

The All Ears for Bootsie auction was the first we were involved with after Dash passed away. The support for that was generous and heartfelt from donors, and enthusiastic bidders alike. Sufficient funds were raised for Bootsie to receive specialist treatment and ease his ear pain – and he stayed with his original foster Jenna who is a rescue colleague of our friend Brian Fum.

Today we are involved in the search for a home for a special kitty, who you my already have come across in our sidebar, Momma Kat. Her astonishing and heroic battle to save her kittens despite traumatic injuries.  Please read her rescue story! It will have you on your feet and cheering!

Dash Kitten helping the Hope Chest

Thanks to our Adventurcat buddy Savannah – a ‘Hope Chest’ is being assembled for Momma Kat, so that when she goes to her new home she has a lot of the things she will need to start her new life in her forever home.  If you can help with any of the items comment here on the blog, or comment at Savannah’s blog. Mark your comment HOPE CHEST for clarity.

This is what we aim to find for this sweet girl, and any help of any gracious sponsors you can suggest will be warmly welcomed by the Hope Chest Team.

  1. Such an honor and so well deserved to have Harvey’s story in print. Congratulations!!! I love the mug and the…

  2. Wow! Congrats on your story about Harvey being published! What an awesome achievement! I know it will be an amazing…

  3. Cool giveaway! I love that sweet Harvey is featured in the book and on the cute mug. Sharing ❤️

  4. Congratulations to have Harvey featured in the book, what a wonderful memory and how fantastic that proceeds from the sale…

17 thoughts on “Three Years Ago Today – Dash Kitten”

  1. We still getting goosebumps and tears when we think of that day, the same day that we have met Dash Kitten. Granny was and is extremely aware of all the doggies in our neighborhood since then. We wished we had met Dash before. He was an amazing kitty. Soft Pawkisses as we know that this day isn’t easy for you <3 <3 <3
    Btw we shall share Momma Cat again on IG. She deserves a wonderful home <3

  2. We’s sharin’ and purrayin’. We so wish we lived closer, cuz we have scratchin’ posts and litter scoops and even litter we could send her. But alas, postage is just somethin’ we don’t have. 🙁 Fanks fur sharin’ her plight. She is pawsum and her babies are adorable. We so p[urray they find da bestest furever ever.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. I hadn’t discovered your blog when you so sadly lost Dash Kitten. I wish we could have got to know him.The work you are doing in his name is wonderful.

  4. Sending you lots of purrs as you remember Dash. You have done so much pawesome work in his name since!

  5. Purrs to you and hugs to your mom. What you do to help kitties in need and spread the word about them is wonderful. Purrs

  6. we did knot have de honor oh noe inn dash; but we haz hurd sew manee pawsitive N wonderful thingz bout him ~~~~~~~~ we send big hugs two yur mum guys; anniversarriez R never eazee …insert hearts…bunches XXXX

  7. Purrz to you and your furries… remembering Dash Kitten – such a handsome mancat and sweetie boy – always in our hearts and you are always in our purrz. The Mom will put Momma Kat on our side bar to remember her in our purrz and purrhaps we can helps financially a wee bit if our auction blog gets going furry goods…

    Katie Mom and Katie Kitty Too

  8. Oh gosh, thank you so much for helping Momma Kat’s Hope Chest get some publicity. Mom L is making calls and sending emails today and all this week to ask brands to donate to her Hope Chest. I will report back to you if we are successful. My pal Dash, one of the original AdventurCats, will never be forgotten.

  9. I so remember when my heart sank that terrible day. Love and hugs from all of us. Bootsie is still doing good, thanks for helping him so much.

  10. We remember that fateful day three years ago. What a sad time. We send you lots of comforting purrs.

    And we purr that Momma Cat finds her furever home…with so many helping her, we know that home is soon to be found.

  11. HOPE CHEST PS if you can mail me the cost of the items listed I will see what we can do. purrs ERin

  12. Remembering Dash is such an important thing to do as he was much loved by many many bloggers. The idea of the hope chest for Momma Kat is brilliant and we will certainly help her…
    purrs ERin

  13. *soft paw* We remember too, Aunty. We admire what you have done in Dash’s memory. He was an amazing kitty, always so furiendly and helpful. His memory will never fade, he is in too many hearts. Love and hugs xx

  14. Purrs to you. My human remembers Dash, and his tragic end. We are so glad you continued on to help kitties in need, and to spread the word about all important things feline.

  15. We remember with such sadness when you lost Dash Kitten. What you are doing, in his memory, to help others is so special and admirable. Our mom has had some unforeseen expensive lately, and so we cannot help Momma Cat financially right now, but will keep her on our sidebar with hopes she soon finds a forever home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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