Thorin Oakenshield Costume was one of the most magnificent in the whole Hobbit movie.

As we travelled in search of Thorin the Dwarf on the Hobbit Costume Trail in 2015 we took pictures of the ‘An Unexpected Journey‘ costumes. We discovered that it not always easy to photograph the textures, colours and volume or ‘feel’ of a costume. But we hope to have captured some of Thorin’s glory for you to see here. Unfortunately we can’t see the Weta Workshop armour. There is a look at Thorin’s sword here on the Weta movie replica.

Thorin Oakenshield Costume – Impressions

Thorin’s is a particularly fabulous costume and having scored his autograph at the world premiere. If you want to see a lot of the best detail we could capture, the  slideshow below shows the detailed images. We love the detail of the Thorin Oakenshield coat too.

We hope that cosplayers and makers will appreciate the images of Thorin Oakenshield, even with no Richard Armitage wearing them.


Thorin Oakenshield Costume – the Detail

Richard Armitage (Thorin) is 1.89 metres (6′ 2½”) tall and the costume created by Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck has real presence with its luxurious fur/hair lined leather over coat and embellished tunic beneath. The blue is a darker shade, not navy, enhanced with luxurious silver stitching.

The decoration carries on to the tunic beneath the leather coat. [N.B. The photograph shows a layer of seemingly ‘dusty’ texture due to an unavoidable reflection] the leather is plain blue and has the look of being worn by a real person, actually lived in. This is a movie costume that has been worn, not an untouched exhibition piece.


The sleeves are capped with armour inspired shoulder caps, worn here with a pair of magnificently tooled leather gauntlets. The overall impression is very dwarvish and chunky. Much of the metal work is individually made plates sewn on to the fabric, they look as though they have been hand stamped with tools.

One of the glories of the costume is the superb Thorin Oakenshield belt buckle which you can see in our geader image. I could not tell if it is metal (heavy) or a very convincing resin but it has a look that blends regal and dwarf artistry in the blocky design and large faux stone.

The superb boots look amazing too. Check the images below. The boots look like cowhide with a special dwarven embellishment on the toe cap!

See you in Middle-Earth
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Harvey Middle Earth Monday Correspondent





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