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Think Twice Before You Delete

With the development of sophisticated DSLR/mirrorless cameras and smartphones it is so easy to go crazy and delete things in a rush to make room, even on a big data card or ‘phone memory. But WAIT!! Sometimes this is not the good idea we think it is.

This is a revised post that I think is valid today as we generate so many images for blogs, social media and fmily sharing.

Save That Memory

If you look at my pictures mostly taken back in 2018/2019 you will see there is something wrong with each one, but, each one holds a memory that is more precious that quality, sharpness or perfect composition.

Dusty is Blurry

Dusty has quite a history with us, including movies and some mischief. He became a treasured and loved member of our family. This blurry shot seems to capture something of his cheeky and fearless spirit so it stays – blurry or not.

Picture Perfect Blurry Dusty

Bad This, Bad That, Bad Most Things!

Dusty stopped going out when he became very frail, in fact you can see how slender he is here. As I always do when a cat goes by I grabbed my phone to take a picture. This turned out to be one of his last trips out into the garden, so a captured memory to treasure and a picture it might have been so easy to delete.

  • Don’t let that precious moment slip by.
Picture Perfect Dusty Deck

Before Deleting

I read on another photography blog that you should not delete any of your holiday pictures until you get home because you don’t know what you missed when you first download your pictures. So, hold off on deleting anything.

This is something I have never forgotten. What seems terrible one day is not half bad the next and ‘hey that’s good’ a few days later’.

Organise Your Smartphone Photos Better Here

Memorable Snowmageddon

This fun memory is of myself and Dash Kitten out in the only snow we have had since we moved to New Zealand. It was chistened ‘Snowmageddon’ by the press as we were totally unprepared for it.

I managed to coax Dash out into the snow for about 10 seconds while my partner took our photograph, then he ran back in yelling ‘no more snow mum!’

Snowmageddon 2011

I could so easily have deleted Dusty’s and Dash’s photographs and also this next one of Phoebe.

Just Because Something’s Wrong

Sure there will be blurry photos and badly framed shots you can delete with a clear conscience, but if you are in any doubt, leave the photograph for now. If you run out of space on a device share the image on social media, Facebook or Instagram will store the image (and it’s free).

This cute picture is our youngster Phoebe. There’s the corner of a litter tray * sigh * then the table leg takes up space on the left side. She is surrounded by garden stuff.

Picture Perfect Phoebe

You know what? I have not deleted the picture because I am happy that I managed to capture her serious young face, and the light isn’t too bad either.

Of course, there are things I can do to improve the picture. I could trim out the unwelcome garden furniture or I could crop to just the area around Phoebe’s face in an oval or smaller square. For now I am leaving it alone.

Tips To Organise Your Digital Images

Top Tip for Picture Perfect Memories

Don’t be too hard on the picture, or your own skills. You may have just one slightly blurry shot of something really special. Keep it. You have a wonderful memory to treasure, even if you never share it with the world. Go one step further, have the picture printed off. So many images are lost in the digital age because people forget to print off a copy.

Celebrating our less that picture perfect images makes us want to ask. Do you have any terrible pictures you treasure?

13 thoughts on “Think Twice Before You Delete”

  1. Such a great post! I am a photo hoarder. Yup. I admit it. I delete nothing to a fault! Currently, 60K photos on the cloud and probably 10x that on memory cards and backup drives! I always think “one day” I’ll go through and delete dupes, but just have not. I always joke I’ll probably break the cloud! Seriously, you are so right. Think before delete!

    I absolutely l-o-v-e that snowmageddon pic of you and Dash! Priceless!

  2. I am a photo memory hoarder and never delete photos and have them all backed up from laptop, I am scared to delete as I might want it for something else LOL. I love the photo in the snow just amazing.

  3. I keep most of them unless they are truly just a total flop. Even those can be photo fails on the last Friday of the month.

  4. Oh, I have so many blurry photos and weird stuff in the background. But I love the memory and I can still see what that moment was all about even if the photo isn’t that great. Heck, most of my photos fall into this category. But I rarely delete anything.

    I’ve been thinking about putting photos on thumb drives and categorizing them. I just need to find the time to be that organized. Super article, Marjorie on the importance of not deleting something that is actually great for capturing the moment.

  5. I forgot you had a Dusty. We just named our new kitty Dusty. I agree many photos can be rescued. XO

  6. You’re so right, and an important message to get across. If I had deleted all my blurry pictures, I would have none left of some of my animals that have passed, and that would have been a lot sadder.

  7. I so totally get this! I can’t stand to delete anything from the phone, because because they’re records of my cat(s). Not even the ones that we’ve put into the computer, I don’t trust it. But, my phone is now full. So I have to delete something …

  8. I totally get what you’re saying! Not only are they purrfectly imperfect precious memories, but photography improvements are being made every year. I recently discovered old pics that were really bad, but now that photo editing is much better – lightening, removing background, etc, I’ve been able to clean them up a bit using Canva!


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