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Comparing Yourself to Others? Fight the Thief of Joy

You know the saying ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy‘? Do you as a pet parent, cat blogger, or creative of any kind, compare yourself to others in your field and feel less than fabulous about it, especially when you are starting your own journey?  

As creatives we need to take positive steps to feel better when the comparison gremlin strikes.

This means stepping up and getting active. Exactly what you do will be different for each person or business. Maybe you can get involved in a pet promotion or sponsored campaign, or attend craft fairs and get your name in the public eye.

Thief of Joy Graphic

If you don’t make it onto a campaign, or get a submission published, search for hints at tips on how to polish your writing or presentation skills. Maybe this BlogPaws® post can help you get started. One important thing to remember is this :- sometimes it isn’t you at all, the sponsor, or publisher had a different focus or idea.

The thief of joy cannot take away an opportunity that comes your way

A blogger will eventually make a successful campaign submission, or a writer may get that first story published in an anthology. Fantastic! This is a success under your belt – keep going then as the saying goes, ‘rinse and repeat‘. Until it does happen – you keep polishing your skills, and loving what you do.

  • ‘Aspiring to be like someone is great. Comparing yourself to someone can be disastrous”…. Elvis Michael.

Thief of Joy

Combat the thief of joy with these tips

  • Attend a conference like BlogPaws. Learn skills, network, make yourself known to brands and people.
  • We all have to start somewhere. Our favourite blogs all began with that one post and kept going. So, make that bracelet, write that post, or dog treat recipe!
  • We learn as we go. If we were born experts we would not need SEO help, or BlogPaws, or the tech guy, or guest posts or a new blog theme or SEO tuition – but we do!
  • Success is relative. We at Dash Kitten are happy to do sponsored posts but being overseas it’s a challenge sometimes. We have kept trying, however, and after time and diligent effort, we are now doing a selection of quality sponsored posts that fit our niche.
  • If we can you can too. Our recent selection for sponsored posts is a measure of our success. For you the number of sponsored posts will be different, but, you will succeed with informed committment and persistence.
  • Be yourself. Learn from others but be you, find your niche and focus.
  • Be inspired by good pictures, great ideas and think ‘I do as well as that’. Don’t copy but remember inspiration nourishes the soul!
  • Break new ground if you feel you can. Blogging is now worldwide and blogs are starting to include overseas readers in giveaways if they are able to. These forward thinking blogs have a vision, they see beyond borders to the wider world of readers and buyers. If you have a vision – follow it and see what happens.

Thief of Joy

You will get better, you will be amazing and, when you look back, don’t forget to encourage those following you along the creative path and remember those who lent a paw, or encouraged you when you lost focus.

Don’t let the thief of joy take hold – each of us is unique and special – SEIZE THE MOMENT!

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Thief of Joy Fighter
Phoebe from Dash Kitten








42 thoughts on “Comparing Yourself to Others? Fight the Thief of Joy

  1. I love your article! I just started to blog about five months ago, and it has been an exciting journey! BlogPaws helped me a lot, and I learned a lot from their articles and the facebook group!!

  2. A very helpful and important reminder. Everyone is at a different stage of their blogging journey. There’s no real way to accurately compare, from one to another anyway!

  3. I’d already commented earlier, but I wanted to let you know that I loved the graphics. It is difficult at times to not compare yourself to others and think all of your hard work isn’t worth it.

  4. Amazon CARES (Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety) relies on volunteers to write our blogs, and it is very frustrating. I attended three BlogPaws conferences and learned so much and got so much inspiration. We have a wonderful new charity Director now, but like me, she is bogged down with administrative functions. However, I can apply your blog to many areas of my life. You are right that we only harm ourselves when we compare ourselves to others.

    1. Molly people like you and your heroic director are the oil that keeps our rescue world moving. We are glad you are there and hope that you both get to treasure some of the positivity rescueing animals can bring.

  5. All of this is so true. It is important to be yourself and aspire to great things without judging yourself negatively based on the successes of others.

  6. Such an important post! There’s a difference between benchmarking and comparing. Seeing and appreciating what others are doing in a way that may inspire you is a great thing. Sitting, mulling, comparing, and moping will never help you advance in your field. The great thing is, we all have our own voice, which is why we can all exist together without saturating the market!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I so needed this reminder, especially as a newer blogger. I really appreciate your tips – especially about being myself and setting my own standard for success. I am looking forward to learning, being inspired and hopefully inspiring others at the BlogPaws conference.

  8. Miranda, I’m always telling my author mom that she’s just as good a writer as them hoomons on the New York Bestsellers lists. It’s just that nobody knows who she is–yet. When we compare ourselves to others, it sucks the air out of our energy. We slow down and sometimes stall because we can’t go forward since we’re too busy checking what others are doing. I love your post. Great advice! I give it two dewclaws up! Yay!

  9. Very encouraging. It can be so depressing if you compare yourself to others more “successful”. Social media and blogging (for more than a hobby) are set up to do that as everyone looks at numbers and likes and shares. Good reminder we all just need to set our own goals and measures of success.

  10. I’ve only been blogging for a year, so I’m an absolute newbie, soaking up everything I possibly can! One thing that I really love about BlogPaws is how everyone’s uniqueness is embraced and blessed. This was such a good post and a nice reminder for me to not worry if I’m good enough, but to just keep swimming!!

  11. Great article, Its hard not to compare but I have learnt in my old age that if you do you are only putting yourself down. I try as hard as possible to stay positive as much as possible as that is what keeps me going.

    Have fun at the convention, I will be there in spirit

  12. Comparisons are deadly. (And yet, we tempt death on a regular basis. WHY?) Great tips for keeping one’s focus on one’s own self. Love the bit about encouraging the less experienced, too!

  13. Oh I so TOTALLY agree. Whilst one is all caught up comparing, one is stuck. Like cars in a traffic jam, you know? You can honk all you like and as loudly as you like but you’re still stuck in that moused-up traffic, doing nothing but… well.. honking and swearing, saying MOUSES! a lot, and comparing. But if one stops comparing, one unjams the traffic jam, so to speak, and is free to create and excel in one’s own way, feeling the joy of doing just that. Purrs, Seville.

  14. Being yourself and standing by you 100% is huge in not letting anyone steal your fire. Thanks for the great post, sometimes we all need reminders 🙂

  15. I really like what you said about taking inspiration from others, but not copying them. We are lucky to live in a time when it is so easy to see other people’s creativity. I try to celebrate other people’s successes and remind myself that I also have success and joy, even if it is in a different form.

  16. What great information. It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to someone else and either thinking you’re better — or worse — and neither are good. It’s a small community and we all can help one another. What a thoughtful and thought provoking post.

  17. Sometimes we have to realize good enough is good enough and not try to do more than we can do. Is ebay upset because they are only the #25 ranked website in the world?

  18. Thank for this post. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparisons with others in every aspect of our lives (she’s thinner, he is so much further up the corporate ladder …) and we miss the things that make us special and stand out to others. By now, I’ve visited many of the BlogPaws related blogs and I’ve found myself buried under a heap of shortcomings in my own. When feeling overwhelmed like this, one’s first thought is to quit. I bet this post helped a lot of our friends put these things in perspective. At the very least, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

  19. What a nice reminder to share with everyone. Great tips, and I especially like that “Success is Subjective.” I think we all have our own reasons for blogging, so success is something different to everyone.

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