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The Power of Colour On Your Instagram Account

This week ‘colour your Insta’ is the project that caught my eye in the 52 ssignments book. The difference colour can make is amazing, check out my quick tips and ideas.

The Power of the Colour Wheel

As you read the chapter you see that is uses the colour wheel that you might have seen in art class. Usually, this is a circular piece of card that you can adjust to show different combinations or colour schemes. There are great photos that demonstrate how colours fight or compliment each other.

This project is great for any image that has a strong colour or theme and the chapter’s featured photo is an effective composition of yellow and blue.

Basic Colour Wheel

Colour Your Insta Tips

The text in the book focuses firstly on the use of contrasting colours like red and green or blue and yellow and I think this is because this kind of colour scheme catches the eye often on Instagram. Here are a few colour ideas the text prompted for me:

  • Triadic schemes (three colours) like the photograph of Harvey. The strong colours and blue and yellow with elements of red.
  • Complementary schemes on opposite sides of the wheel. Red and Green have an impact in the plant world.
  • Monochrome – the sole use of one colour. it can be black, blue, or even red like the image of the CWA Muse® medallion below.
How to use a triadic colour scheme to make a photo effective online.
Smartphone Photo with a Triadic Colour Scheme © Dash Kitten

Getting Used to Using Color

Once you begin to use color; either with Instagram’s filter help or using photo software then uploading to Instagram, you will start to gain confidence and explore how you can use colour in your photos.

I am looking at how to add adventurous colour to my cat photos but it’s a bit of a challenge finding a contrasting color for a tabby that won’t sit still or a long-haired princess who hides in our asparagus bed. But I will keep trying.

Color your Insta challenge using a red toned background and silver medal.
Monochrome Smartphone Photo – Photo Lab Filter © Dash Kitten

My comment on the spelling of colour/color has a second purpose.

When you add colour for a specific reason then add the alternative spelling and maximise your reach. Also mention the dominant colours you use e.g. #red #yellow #contrast #monochrome. Add these to your themed hashtags. I use #dashkittencrew and #dashkittenblog as well as colours when I am working on #52Assignments posts.

  • Join the journey in my special DashPhotos2021 account on Instagram and don’t forget! You can find ALL the Assignment posts HERE.

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14 thoughts on “The Power of Colour On Your Instagram Account”

  1. I am loving this with the colors and am play with it on my laptop to see if I can get it right. The photo of Harvey with the colors is just amazing – thanks for the blog hop and thanks for the lessons and ideas

  2. I’m enjoying following your Instagram Challenge. Thanks for sharing the color/colour tip for maximizing reach.

    Although I’m American, I lived in Europe for a few years as a child and my dad bought all our books from UK companies. A lot of words look more normal to me if they are spelled with the UK version.

  3. I love the way that this encourages people to play with colour. I’m quite familiar with the colour wheel due to the fact that I use those same colour theories in dying my hair, but I’ve never considered using those same theories when working on images for my social media. Thank you for the suggestion!

  4. I love playing with color (and light) as it can evoke incredible emotion in a picture. It can make people ‘feel’ and connect with that feeling to love your picture. I admit, I find it all intimidating – but thanks to your lead I am diving in in 2021! Thanks Marjorie – you are awesome for so many things, and for this: sharing your knowledge!

  5. You can get some interesting results with this, can’t you? I love playing with color but I have never done that on my dog photos. Perhaps I should try. Though I love my dog’s natural color the best. I usually play with softening filters and stuff like that.

  6. Being a Canadian, living now in the US, I have trouble with spelling a lot! Or pronunciations, LOL!!

    Those colours make for interesting effects, some are subtle and some are bold! Harvey looks lovely that way:) What a precious (Rainbow) memory!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photo! Color use is one of my favorite topics and I will look forward to checking out all of the links and maybe even trying some of these one day!

  8. I love how your choice of color really brought out the name on Harvey’s collar – the effect is beautiful and emotionally-laden. I’ve never thought to use color in that way – but I certainly admire your work!

  9. We love color. Our Human has tried this on some of our photos and it’s fun to be a multi-color kitty!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  10. Colors or colours are lots of fun to play with and can have some really interesting results! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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