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We are to help you make Bitly work for your blog and harnessing its power. Here at Dash Kitten we aim to bring you simple tech tips to start you off with confidence and, today, we introduce Bitly [Click to biggify the images and arrow back to shrinky them.]

What Bitly looks like with a couple of web pages up and running

Bitly is one site that we like a lot; and anyone who is an online seller, a blogger, or simply online to socialise, should have it firmly on their must use list. Bitly is a site that shrinks links efficiently and quickly. It makes a long unmanageable link of gobbledegook into something sweet and simple to share.

Our Hawaii Feral Cat post not long after it went live.

The Nitty Gritty – Make Bitly Work For Your Blog

  1. You can log on using Twitter – that’s how we do it, or via email.
  2. Bitly also tracks the number of clicks that your link captures. You can see how effective a tweet, or Facebook post is driving people to your rescue appeal, jewellery page, or publicity for an event. Check out some sample figures for our Hawaii cats at risk post, see the number of clicks achieved over a set period.
  3. Bitly lets us can work out the optimum (best) posting time as you get more practised at scheduling.
  4. Bitly also makes us all look smarter -:-) No long ugly links using up valuable Tweet Real Estate.
  5. You are demonstrating your skill with social media – less a newbie more like a pro!
  6. Bitly can help a rescue, group or online seller share complex information by linking to a page where the information IS – removing the need to struggle to condense information into a tweet or Facebook post.
The Power of Bitly.
Geographical spread of clicks on Bitly.

Bitly has its privacy policy clearly visible on the web site, and is quick, clean and easy to use. We recommend it for your daily shrinky linkage, see how the powr of Bitly. can work for you! Have you used Bitly. yet? 

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Tech Editor
Helping Make Bitly Work For Your Blog

Silver Kitten the Business Cat

Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

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