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The Poezenboot Cats of Amsterdam

Today’s post is a Throwback ten years ago when I visited Europe and was lucky enough to visit a unique and special place in Amsterdam. This is long before I had access to a good camera vut it is fun to see.

A Cat Rescue on a Boat?

I know the trend for cat cafes continues, and I can’t wait for our own local cat cafe to open again, but, for newer readers – how many of you know of a cat rescue on a boat?

Join me as I travel back in time for my report about the floating rescue is known as ‘De Poezenboot‘ or ‘the cat boat’ in Amsterdam. This beautiful city is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its network of busy canals.

De Poezenboot Canal view of Amsterdam

The Poezenboot

Can you imagine our excitement, walking along beside the beautiful old merchant houses that line Amsterdam’s historic central canals, this picture shows the Singel, home of the Poezenboot Cats of Amsterdam?

The old merchants’ houses give the city its gracious atmosphere and unique character; some of the buildings are now flats (apartments) others play host to businesses or museums of treasures.

Along many of the canals are working and residential canal boats – one of these is our destination!

Cats rest in the spacious Poezenboot Rescue

The world-famous cat rescue

OK, a nugget of history, to put you in the picture before we step on board and visit this really special rescue.

In 1966 a lady, Ms Weelde, began taking in strays in Amsterdam, one cat led to another and her rescue expanded to the Poezenboot (full story here).

Today the rescue is housed in a smart, clean and spacious barge that is a huge draw for visiting cat lovers from all over the world. This was our second attempt at a visit as opening hours are restricted – this time, our luck was in!

Let’s step inside, head past the reception desk and………

as the door opens…..

we walk into the rescue ……..

Walkways, and spacious cat room.
A bed with a view!

Inside the Poezenboot

Check out the comfortable beds lining the walls, the cat towers, the plentiful litter trays! We can report that the whole rescue is scrupulously clean and tidy and impressively roomy.

We thought a boat would be cramped and squished, and small, but no way, this is fantastic guys – what a thrill it as to see the place for real!

The external cat area and view

The cats are relaxed and happy in their area and comfortable with visitors while they wait for potential adopters to drop by. We could not resist a couple of souvenirs of the Poezenboot Cats of Amsterdam, including a splendid tshirt – see the logo!


I hope you enjoyed today’s trip back in time.

A note for photo buddies. These photographs were taken long before I ventured into the world of the DSLR camera. They are clear, sharp and packed with happy memories. Whatever your camera, it will save your own memories for the future.

7 thoughts on “The Poezenboot Cats of Amsterdam”

  1. We have never seen the Poezenboot in real, but we heard a lot of it. If I were a Kitty, I sure would chose to live there😺Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday to all of you. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  2. If I ever get back to The Netherlands, from whence my parents hailed, I should love to go and see that too. It is actually very ‘furmouse’!

    Thanks for showing us all about it.

  3. I remember this from first time round and enjoyed it as much this time. I love the name Poezenboot. I know it means Cat Boat, but it sounds so much like Puss in Boots!

  4. Oh I remember that and it was so much fun, and still is! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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