Beginner Cat Photo Skills

The Perfect Kitten Adoption Photo

I think I just melted from the sheer adorableness of these Feral Nation kittens! Can you handle the second-picture bonus?

Kitten Photo Shoot

Full disclosure. I took literally hundreds of photographs and many of them are so blurry you can’t even see a kitten!

This would have dented my confidence but I did manage to capture enough images to edit into shape for showcasing the sweet kittens for their adoption appeals on Facebook and adoptathons! It is always an honour to help kittens find homes.

I present my absolute and most favourite shot of the day…….

Ginger kitten looking over a woman's shoulder

If you want tips of photographing foster kittens check this post; fosters are epic photographers.

Taking the Best Kitten Photos

For this photo shoot (remember I am not the world best or most experienced cat and kitten photographer!) I used Aperture Priority (Nikon A) all of the time on my Canon, with Continuous Focus.

Because the kittens are so fast and I worked around people playing and cuddling the kittens I knew I would have a lot of cat photos that wouldn’t work out!

I tried to balance my success rate by switching between using camera raw (which gives more opportunities to adjust and sharpen later) and shooting in JPEG format – for kitten supersonic speed.

This worked because a couple of really good photos looked so dark but I was able to adjust them in Affinity Photo’s raw editor and they looked lovely, like this one.

I hope I have taken enough good photos to help with the adoption of the kittens. Will you join me in wishing these little kittens lots of luck?

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Kitten Adoption Photo”

  1. Such beautiful shots. You can feel the love (and curiosity in the kitties’ eyes!) New home/adopting pics are the vert best! So much happiness and feel-good vibes delivered through amazing photos. Pinned this to share!

    And I’m so very sorry about the passing of Valentine. 🙁

  2. Oh my!!! These are terrific photos of adorable kittens! I can’t see how they couldn’t be adopted with these cute photos.
    I love how you share that you take blurry photos too. That’s totally me! I think I’ve taken a great shot worthy of sharing with the universe, only to look at it and discover it’s a blurry mix of black and other colors. I get so frustrated. I guess it’s all about the tenacity to stick with it and get a shot that works eventually. I still envy your talents. But I will push on with these great tips.
    Congrats again on your wonderful awards! So well deserved!

  3. These are awesome kitten photos! Our mom wishes she lived closer to you so you could help her with her stupid camera. We have such a hard time getting photos in our new house with the lighting. And we will remember Val forever.

  4. Such wonderful kitten photos, Marjorie. Congratulations on your well-deserved Certificates of Excellence!

    We, too, are so sad about Valentine’s passing. He was a great friend to so many of us. XO

  5. Such wonderful photos, love those orange goodness kitties. Yes, Valentine’s loss was so sad. I was glad to see so many comments on the Cat Blogosphere post too. Erin’s tribute really was lovely.

  6. Those are fantastic kitten pictures, beautiful and cute! We wish them success in finding homes! And, congrats and concats on the COE’s! That is so sad about the loss of Valentine, we wish everyone peace and comfort.


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