A Missing Cat Locator Mystery

Call the missing Tabcat tracker! We originally received a complimentary Tabcat set from Loc8tor for review. This update and its opinions are 100% our own, and we are responsible for the content of this post. We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers. 

The Case of the Missing Collar – a Case for the Missing Tabcat Tracker?


What the heck happened??? OK, Let us tell you the story!

A collar went missing, no big deal you say, except it was outdoors girl Natasha. She was wearing a collar from our friends the Cool Cat Collar Company with a Tabcat tag attached! So, of course, Mum had to go into the garden (Natasha’s stamping ground!) and find it! It turned out to be a useful learning experience, and we thought we would share what we learned while searching for our Tabcat tag.

Tabcat Tracker collar and tag

On the trail with the Tabcat Tracker!

We knew from our original review of the Tabcat, that it is great to help find a missing feline, but could we find the smaller tag on its own?  Our garden backs on to tree filled bush, and a stream flows beyond it. Not the easiest of places to find a collar and tag, as you can see in the video of Natasha’s playground! It seemed the ideal way to put our Tabcat through its paces ‘in real life’……..

The handset. Each button is for a different cat, or object, you attach a tag to. The showerproof protectors can be seen on the right. Natasha’s had a grey cover.

Tips We learned When Locating a Tag

Our experience hunting for Natasha’s tag, and finding it, has allowed us to note tips we found helpful. While these refer to our cat, they can alos be applied to any inanimate item you have attached a Tag to.

  • The key is to start calmly and quietly. Take a breath. Scan around you carefully, until you get a signal. 
  • NOTE Be patient, be quiet, and listen to your handset.
  • When you start getting a signal, walk in that direction. Stop and correct if your signal begins to fade.
  • When you reach a full set of lights on the handset, stop and look carefully around. The object of your search is nearby.
  • It took us a few attempts to locate our tag on its own. Why? Because it was not attached to a cat, or other large object!
  • With patient searching, we found our tag and collar. 

If you need a full demonstration of what the Tabcat actually does, check out original video below to see the cat tracker in action.

Tabcat Cat Locator 

There is a difference between doing a well staged ‘demo’ as we did for our review, and genuine ‘in the field’ use. You are not looking for camera angles to make sure readers get a clear message, you are searching in real time for a real object. This is why we took the decision to do a second ‘update’ post on our Tabcat.

We hope you enjoy Natasha’s video, we had a lot of fun making it.

Silver Kitten
Tabcat and Tech Editor

Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat


30 thoughts on “A Missing Cat Locator Mystery

  1. That’s really handy! We have dogs around here, and they are always taking each other’s collars off when they play, and it makes me crazy! It would be nice to have an option to try finding the collar our pets loose outside!

  2. How interesting that you had to use the app to actually find the collar and the Tabcat tracker! Glad you were able to find it. We don’t wear collars, so we don’t know how we’d ever use one of those.

  3. I like the idea and if it tracks far could use it on the dog too. But it needs to stay on to be effective. I’d hate to find my car’s collar but not my cat!

  4. What a fun video with a happy ending! It’s a joy to see the scenery and watch your sweet kitties. And the music is so upbeat! Love it!

  5. The new video was great – a real situation is always the best way to demonstrate a product like this. How long will the signal last on a lost tracker?

  6. I love these trackers that have come out with, it makes our life so much easier and more relaxing in many ways. Your story brought a smile to my face and the video was awesome, thanks for sharing

  7. I LOVE this! So many great advances in technology that are benefitting pet parents! I really appreciate your follow up tips on how to actually use the tracker in a real life situation. Glad you found Natasha’s collar 🙂

  8. My cat is an indoor only cat and he is pretty easy to find. However, I know a cat who is always worrying his family. He once spent an entire weekend in the closet because the cat sitter had accidentally locked him in there. She looked everywhere (or so she thought) to no avail, so his humans came home early from their vacation to look for him. Something like this would have been wonderful to have!

  9. Love Natasha’s video and following her favorite play spot. This tabcat tracker is not only handy but very functional and useful. You clearly demonstrated why it’s a great product. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a great Follow-up post Marjorie! It certainly is an effective tool for finding both Pet & collar. Good to have because collars & Devices like this can be costly to replace!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  11. I loved your videos and review! There are times when Mom can’t see me even when she’s looking right at the chair I’m sitting in. She says my black fur sometimes makes it hard to spot me under low light levels. Silly Mom. Maybe I need to get her a Tabcat so she can find me. And say, can I come play in your backyard?! It looks so beautiful!
    Valentine recently posted…Cat Prefers Plush Toy Dog Over the Real ThingMy Profile

  12. Hiya Dash Kitten Crew, what a brilliant post [we still have our Tabcat Tracker to review! Oops!] thanks fur all the invaluable tips, we’re sure it will help the P.A. when she does finally get around to it!

    We loved the video safari, totally brilliant, thanks so much fur sharing <3

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox
    Basil recently posted…Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #44 featuring Real Hamsters Don’t Bite: Mighty and Brennon Run Away to Find Cat Land and Unzip the TruthMy Profile

  13. guyz….what a grate product and post and we gived yur moovee 984 paws UP !!!!! yur yard iz bee yond awesum….how kewl ewe haz yur veree own wood land N streem; fish less, but a streem none de lesss !!! 🙂 🙂 😉 insert heartz XXX

  14. Excellent real life situation update. I loved the first review, but knowing and seeing it works for you in practice is a real plus.
    Great video, looks like you had to work really hard to get into that bush.
    Definitely a paws up from me.
    erin the Cat (Princess) recently posted…Three hours!My Profile

  15. My human really could have used this with her soul cat, who was indoor-outdoor and always losing her collar! She did it so often that my human kept extras in a drawer so that when she showed up bare-necked, she could just slip on a new collar immediately.
    Summer recently posted…Cat Show SelfiesMy Profile

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