We have a report of the Best Cat Cuddle from the Meow Mix Awards in the USA!!! You will remember our report on the Meow Mix aCATemy? Well, Meow Mix has been busy and we thought that you might like an update on their latest fun stuff.

It is a given that we cats rule the internet – right? From Twitter, to Reddit and Buzzfeed – stories of our escapades, heroic cat rescues by humans, and LOLCats mean we are a sure thing for a bit of attention. So Meow Mix wants to celebrate a lot of those simply irresistible moments in the spirit of the current awards season with a kitty version of the Gold Globes, BAFTAs and Oscars.

Ladies and Gentlepals, may we present * fanfare * part one of The Cat’s Meow Awards!!

Meow Mix tells us they received over 25,000 submissions from our cat loving humans for the awards and boy, oooh boy, competition has been tough, but, Meow Mix fans made their choices in three CATegories! In this post we cover a fave category of ours…….

The Best Cat Cuddle

For all of us silver screen cats *preens* OK and those who love a nibble anyway, Meow Mix has created their own line of irresistible treats to make your purrformance all the more award-worthy! Meow Mix tells me they are made with real meat, in a variety of flavours and you can grab a free bag and learn more at the Cat’s Meow Awards here!

Just as well as some of us stars are pretty selective – right? You get to try soft or crunchy which has to be a good thing! OK guys I am off * cough cough * to practice my acceptance speech! Ready for my close-up guys!!!

Phoebe Kitten
Shopping and Snack Advisor
PHoebe Selfie







  • Disclaimer :- DashKitten received Meow Mix treats and noms for our movie reports. These have been donated to our friends at Averting CATastrophe rescue who work hard to save and adopt cats that come into their care.


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