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The Magic of a Printed Cat Photo Memory

The Magic of a Printed Cat Photo Memory

I am tidying up my workroom to make space for a video studio and some sewing space. While I was moving and sorting papers and supplies, I discovered my Project Life (PL) album from Becky Higgins.

The album has a lot of Silver and Miranda’s baby photos, as well as other memories. It brought home to me why printed photos matter and why, no matter how lazy we are, we need to print off a few while our cats are alive, happy and healthy.

Check out this precious photo.

When I can get a proper scan the quality will improve but, for now, this is the best I can do. A photo of a photo.

A Dash Kitten Memory

The Magic of a Printed Cat Photo Memory Two cats sat in a doorway.
Smartphone Photo 2013

This snapshot was in my Project Life album safe and snug in a plastic sleeve. It shows a tiny Silver Kitten and a protective Dash Kitten sat looking out into the rainy weather. What is Dash saying to Silver? I don’t know but the picture catches your heart and I hope to scan in a sufficiently high-resolution image to make a canvas print when my printer starts working again

Unfortunately, the PL company Becky Higgins LLC doesn’t ship overseas and are difficult to find in shops. So, I will keep going with my 12 x 12 plastic sheets until they run out, now I have found the album again. I can print out photos and preserve some precious and wonderful memories.

I checked on the PL site and the App seems to be more popular but sorry, for me, if the power goes you don’t have the memory anymore, as I say here. A printed memory is priceless. Even one 6 x 4-inch photo means so much.

Printed cat photo
Printed copy ready to be scanned

If I had not printed off a copy of this I might have lost it and never seen this wonderful image again and that is a terrible thought. As it is, it gives me more determination to keep going with the blog – because Dash matters now more than ever. This is why printed photos matter.

Even one, just like this.

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17 thoughts on “The Magic of a Printed Cat Photo Memory”

  1. I’m so thankful I have printed photos of Praline. I have some printed photos of the girls when they were kittens, but I need to print out more.

    • It is something you may not often think about at the time, but later on, these images have real value.

  2. I have thousands of photos of my dogs; it’s the only thing I photograph these days. My computer desktop features both my special girls. I did have some printed too but don’t have room to display such things these days.

  3. You have a very good point there, we should print some of our photos not only keep them in files on our computer, am going to start doing that this month.

  4. Yes! I am a huge believer in actually printing and displaying your photos. We have made a couple of canvas prints from photos in the past and I am working right now on filling a gallery wall set that I was given for Christmas – a series of different frames in different sizes all designed to work together. I have an open wall in my dining room that is perfect for it once I decide on all the pictures for it.

  5. It really is a great image of Silver & Dash, so adorable! I wish I’d printed more pics of baby Icy. My husband did something to our computer years ago and Lost all those photos! I love that you can take a photo of printed pics and they come out really good.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  6. I love the photo and I so agree that’s it’s good to have printed copies! I have lots of old snapshots from the print days, and I do worry about how best to keep my digital photos. I wouldn’t be able to print and store them all, though.

    • Yes, Without printed copies of a few I would have missed so many memories I ‘thought’ I would forget.

  7. That is such a poignant moment, and I’m so glad you ‘found’ it once again.

    I posted some old pics in my blog this week, some of which speak to your photo challenges of late…enjoy!

  8. That photo is SO darling! Thank you for the reminder about printing photos. I often think if my computer crashed or my tablet or phone died, how many priceless photos I would lose.

  9. Mee-yow iss wunderfull to see ‘angelss’ Dash an Silver! LadyMew mew them both…mee wishess mee did!
    Thanx fore sharin them with all of us.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an <3 LadyMew


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