The Hunt for Inspiration

The Hunt for Inspiration

When you get stuck, where do you hunt for inspiration for your blog, or your writing?

We have some valuable tips to get you looking in new and different places for a spark that generates your next idea, blog post or rescue promotion concept. Our wellbeing as bloggers depends on being focused and unstressed as we work, and we have tips to make the hunt for inspiration easier.

Hunt for Inspiration Online

  • For pet people searching for ideas, the BlogPaws website is packed with inspirational messages on planning, and seasonal prompts to sharpen your focus.
  • For pictures Carol Bryant of FidoseofReality a dog blogging colleague, is a strong advocate of Pinterest for both promotion and inspiration.  It is a strongly visual site and for ‘picture people’ can inspire new ideas to kick-start a new project.
  • Look on Instagram for powerful quotes to make you think.
  • Local news, in paper and online form. Find local news that you can include as links or to use as the basis for blog post or a design idea to develop.
  • Find a groups of like-minded people. This can be a group of ‘masterminds’ such as bloggers, artists, computer creatives, or a group like the Cat Writers Association.
  • Bouncing your ideas of a fellow creative can really inspire! Just look at the work of Savannah’s Paw Tracks, Nerissas Life and ourselves in the award winning Adventurcats series.

Hunt For Inspiration Graphc with a cat

Hunt for Inspiration in Print and Words

  • Read printed articles in magazines. The shift in perspective from screen to page is small but might shape your concept differently. 
  • Video may be the main focus of the year, but most people get their an important part of their visual knowledge from printed material, schoolbooks, drawing materials.
  • Brainstorm your idea as a mind map. Pick up a pad and pen and using a single focus word, add words it brings to your mind.  We are trying an online version called MindMeister.
  • Look through old notes, and jottings. An idea discarded months ago may hit the spot now. Also, look at bookmarked online pages you saved for ‘later’.
  • Seeing pictures in print is different. It inspired mum to start working o a design for paper or fabric – look at our example. 

How an image inspired us at Dash Kitten

Mum loves looking at the stars. Here in New Zealand our view of the heavens is clear and sharp, and improves even more when we visit the wide open spaces of the less populated Wairarapa region. 

Pleiades Image Wellbeing for Bloggers

One group of stars we see here, seen worldwide, is the Pleiades (M45) in the constellation of Taurus. In New Zealand their arrival in the night sky signals the Maori new year Matariki. These young stars inspired mum to create a pastel sketch.  This is a ‘first thought’ done using inexpensive pastel sticks so many scribbles have not blended well as ‘smudges’!  

Your own ideas will develop from inspiration, sometimes way beyond your initial thoughts!

Hunt for Inspiration Pleiades Image. What inspires us. pastel sketch

If the Hunt for Inspiration Fails

It might be your mind and your body quietly asking you to take a break. Words of encouragement and support from friends can be balm for your struggle but sometimes just listening to your mind’s appeal for quiet is just what you need,

  • Step away from your project, or deadline, or blog post, and spend time refocusing on something different.
  • A post can go up a few hours late – the world won’t end.
  • Switch off so your mental batteries can recharge and refresh.
  • Go for a walk, bake a cake, sit or read a book. 

Relaxation is as much a part of the hunt for inspiration as active searching.

None of us are super women or super men – we are human beings not 24/7 machines.

Harvey Button
Hunt for Inspiration Specialist
A white cat with a Rainbow background






  1. I find inspiration in the stars, too. We live in a populated area so our view is not always the best. But gazing up definitely clears my mind and then the ideas come. Lovely post!

  2. Great advice ! We love your last sentence ! Claire put it in practice today : she spends the whole day at a friend’s with Momo. The laundry is not done, Monday’s blog post is not written (and won’t ever be obviously), the bed sheets are not changed yet (and it’s evening), and that’s OK. Purrs

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