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The Ginger With A Telephoto Lens #TIPS

What do you do if you get a new camera lens? Do you panic or throw yourself in and explore like a maniac? I did a bit of both, but it did not take long before I conjured some ginger gold with Peaches the cat.

I was told that a new lens gives you a new perspective on taking pictures and I certainly agree, especially after getting my 50mm ‘nifty fifty’ lens last Christmas.

But, what do you do when you want to take your next step and invest in a lens to expand your skills?

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Peaches the cat. A ginger lady cat in bright sunshine casting dark shadows

Check my assessment of the 50mm lens here.

Buying a New Camera Lens

I will be honest. I was not sure which lens should be my next step to keep improving so I did what any sensible photography student does and consulted a local camera shop, Wellington Photographic Supplies (WPS) and its resident experts.

I told WPS the lenses currently in my camera bag, the kind of photographs I was taking, and asked what the next step should be to keep improving my photography skills. They suggested a telephoto lens. Not what I expected but I am enjoying it very much.

Canon EFS 55-250mm Telephoto Lens

I did a little bit of reading on how to use my telephoto lens but soon realised I needed to go with the ‘explore like a maniac’ option I suggested at the start of this post. So off I went and continue to take lots and lots of pictues.

The Peaches The Cat photo was taken at the same session that I captured a wonderful image of Tiger Lily and Connor I posted last week. I hope you enjoy it.

14 thoughts on “The Ginger With A Telephoto Lens #TIPS”

  1. A beautiful Selfie of a beautiful Peaches💗Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

  2. Great picture. I love photos of cats…they can get themselves into such predicaments and twist and turn their bodies in so many strange ways.

  3. That is a great way to take the kitties pictures, then they don’t feel like their space is being invaded!
    Peaches is beautiful! And relaxed and you sure captured that felling so well.

  4. We have a 75-300 that I got when I bought my camera as a package. That helped save the ferals that were under the shed as when I thought “who threw that paper back there” and then saw a kitten I got the camera and over time saw the 3 and Mom too. Kittens TNR and adopted and Mom back outside. She no longer comes by but I am sure there are some other feeding stations in the area by the behaviors of those that drop by. Now I need to learn more about the lens.

  5. Great shot of Peaches, with sharp detail and beautiful shadow and light. 🙂

    I have a 55-300 telephoto lens; it certainly comes in handy with the shyer kities at the shelter.

  6. A delightful, and well composed picture, Marjorie! Glad you can share all these discoveries and facts as you go along your new career.


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