The Founders’ Award at BlogPaws®

The Founders’ Award at BlogPaws®

What is the new ‘Founders’ Award’ at BlogPaws? A lot of people have been asking.

Many of you have noticed that there has been a change in the categories this year. Plenty of familiar awards such as Best Cat Blog, Best Sponsored Post and Best Dog Blog have been available for nominations, but many spotted an unfamiliar category. In fact, this category is making its debut at the BlogPaws 2018 conference. I thought, let’s dig a little deeper to find out more about this.

Many noticed that the Best Cause Blog category had disappeared. It was a category many looked for as it brought many blogs with a specific rescue and helping focus into the spotlight. Surely there needs to be something to acknowledge the amazing work done by helping blogs, people asked?

Meet The Founders’


Founders' Award

The Founders’ Award: This category acknowledges a person who embodies the spirit of BlogPaws and its founders.

The founders created BlogPaws with a sense of purpose, passion, community, and giving back.Judged on purpose, achievement, and engagement. We are looking for passion and persistence, a sense of community, and engagement in animal welfare. How does this person reflect the spirit of BlogPaws?

It will be interesting to see how the award develops over time.

Many blogs reach out on so many levels to help pets and people from small one-woman rescues to town based initiatives to help TNR community cats.

There are also blogs helping people who struggle with reactive dogs, or cats with IBD. They provide valuable advice to a desperate pet parent who feels they are struggling alone. I hope a wide range of blogs will encouraged to enter what promises to be a prestigious addition to the Nose to Nose Awards, I certainly hope so.

Is the Founders’ Award Better?

What I can say that BlogPaws is giving a lot more people a chance to enter. They are including a wide variety of blogs and people for acknowledgement which sounds very positive.

Future nominees might be little outside the usual range of rescue and cause blogs but they might still be blogs that provide help and inspiration to many. There is still a big place for cause blogs at BlogPaws and this is the place, I am sure.

The four blogs nominated in The Founders’ Award 2018 are introduced below. Yes, one of this is indeed US! Can you believe how excited I am for the Dash Kitten blog?!

I have asked each of the other nominees for the Founders Award to write a short 100 words introduction about theselves and include a picture as well. This way you can get some insight into the blogs as well as the people and pets behind them.

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You can also find the full list of Nose to Nose Awards and their nominees here. Some of the finest cat blogs are featured in the 2018 awards.

The Daily Pip

Founders' Award

Kristin Avery is a Chicago-based writer and photographer with a lifelong passion for animal welfare. Her blog, The Daily Pip, is an award-winning lifestyle pet blog, promoting rescue, adoption, and second chances. She posts an eclectic mix of inspiring rescue and adoption stories, personal reflections on her life with animals and midlife comeback, and a whole bunch of random furry cuteness.

Through her volunteer work with local and national rescue groups as well as her award-winning blog series The Specials, she advocates for animals with special needs and those viewed as less adoptable. Kristin has also used her past experience as a professional fundraiser to raise significant funds for shelters and rescues.

Kristin previously won two Nose-to-Nose awards for Best Written Blog Post and Best Cause Blog in 2016 and was a finalist for Best Cause Blog and Best Dog Blog in 2017. Additionally, she was recognized with a Maxwell Medallion from the Dog Writer’s Association of America in February 2018.

The Broke Dog Blog

Founders' Award

Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger by night. The Broke Dog started in 2015 in Brooklyn, New York when Rochelle adopted a terrier mix, Henry. As she discovered innovative ways to save money on Henry’s care, she made it her mission to share them with other dog owners and the blog was born. 

She focuses on product reviews, DIY tutorials, tips and tricks, and small business spotlights as well as supply drives for local rescues. Rochelle also owns Brooklyn Bowtied, an online shop that sells bow ties for dogs. Website:

Dash Kitten

Founders' Award

Marjorie Dawson is the New Zealand based cat tech writer and movie maker behind Dash Kitten.  

Dash Kitten blog has always had a strong helping focus and now, as well as fundraising and sharing for cats and rescues worldwide, the blog has been teaching pet people to make their own movies one small step at a time. It’s working too!

Marjorie fell in love with making movies several years ago and inspired by BlogPaws in 2016, her teaching direction was inspired by Ron Lee, news camera man who did a BlogPaws video session. She decided that every pet owner (and blogger) can make great movies of their pets and even better memories. About DashKitten

Wagtown Woofs

Authentic Dog Friendliness. Wagtown sets responsible and authentic standards for that label. Our mission is to lead the movement to create a Wagtown® community for everyone. To do this, we advocate for dog-friendliness through research, consulting, leveraging big data, education, marketing, and empowerment.

Amazing people right?

We hope you can enjoy the Founders’ Award  and its worthy winner (whoever that may be!). It is new, exciting and has the potential to spotlight a large range of bloggers whose aims are to reach out and positively affect the lives of others.

Will you be there, or watching the livestream of the Nose to Nose Awards on Facebook?

Marjorie and Harvey Button
Founders’ Award Reporters
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  1. I think this category is particularly awesome! All of the nominees are incredible, I don’t know how the judges can pick just one winner. Congratulations on being nominated.

  2. Congratulations on being a finalist among so many wonderful bloggers in this category. I wasn’t quite sure what they were looking for, so I didn’t nominate anyone. I’ll have a better idea for next year. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for writing this Marjorie. I was very confused about this award. I didn’t nominate anyone for it because I didn’t fully understand it. I was looking for the Best Cause Blog award, I had someone in mind for that but I didn’t make any connection between the Founder’s award and the Best Cause award. Congratulations on being a Finalist in this category!
    Love and Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. Congratulations on your nomination and best of luck. I think it’s a great name for an award but that it won’t make any sense to anybody not involved directly with Blog Paws … ?

  5. Congratulations on your nominations for the Founder’s Award! You all deserve it and I’m looking forward to meeting you in Kansas City.

  6. That’s great you introduced that new award like this ! A new category may be confusing for some people. Concatulations again for being nominated in that category too with those three other talented bloggers ! Purrs

  7. Congratulations on being a finalist. What a wonderful award to be part of and you are in great company. Look forward to seeing you next week and doing our little session on videos together. Let’s make some collaborations while we are there.

  8. I think you and the crew are absolutely the PURRfect cats and peeps to be finalists in this new category, for sure. I mean… If you don’t deserve to be a finalist for this, who does? I’m so very, very, VERY proud of you all achievin’ this recognition, for sur. PURRS

  9. What a nice thing you’ve done, Miss Marjorie by highlighting all the Founders Award finalists. You all have done AMAZING things. I plan to sit on Mom’s lap and watch the livestream fur sure! I can’t wait! Purrs and winks!

  10. Thank you so much for writing this post! I am honored to be nominated alongside three such amazing bloggers – especially you, Marjorie, who I know works tirelessly for cats all over the world. In spite of such hard work, you always remain positive and upbeat. Of course, you also are such a wonderful team player among the BlogPaws community – welcoming and supportive of all!

    P.S: I think I gave you too much – feel free to edit my long-winded bio. LOL.

  11. First of all congratulations on your nomination!! It was so gracious of you to ask the other nominees to say a few words about their blogs. It’s truly inspiring to read about the amazing work being done to raise awareness and help animals in need.

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