You didn’t know about the Fabulous City the Kitty book?

City the Kitty is ginger muse to Lori Shepler, who is a professional photographer. Lori’s superb pictures of City have gained him a huge Instagram following and made him a social media star.

As well as ginger polydactyl good looks, City stands, with his mom Lori, in the front line of the fight to ban declawing in the USA, inspired by Jennifer Conrad, DVM – Founder and Director of The Paw Project. We stand with City in his fight against declawing.

What is Declawing?

From the Humane Society of the United States:

“People often mistakenly believe that declawing their cats is a harmless “quick fix” for unwanted scratching. They don’t realize that declawing can make a cat less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite. Declawing also can cause lasting physical problems for your cat.”

“Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. Removing claws changes the way a cat’s foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. There can also be a regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage, and bone spurs.”

Read the full article here.

Meet our City the Kitty Book Sponsor

A huge thank you to our sponsor Erin, from Erin the Cat Princess blog, we have a ‘pawtographed’ copy of this totally gorgeous cat lover’s book to give away and a special postcard with a City pawprint! Erin is a 2016 BlogPaws® Nose to Nose finalist, and fine cat blogger.

City The Kitty Giveaway sponsor - Erin The Cat Princess
Our Sponsor – Erin The Cat Princess

Where did City the Kitty come from?

Things were at a crossroads in her life when Lori encountered City. When he finished turning her world upside down Lori was facing another direction, with City taking over social media and jumping paws and claws first into the declawing debate (graphic warning).

“Claws are part of what makes me so HANDsome”

City and his mum wanted to give something back to the supporters who have helped them, and who have made declawing a national issue in the USA. So they created this wonderful book packed with stunning images of the polydactyl rock star who will charm you with his looks, his amazing agility. [You can also buy a copy of City’s book here.] City can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

With the news that Denver has banned declawing, the huge amount of work that City and his photographer Mom are doing is beginning to take hold so, please, join us and support City.  

City the Kitty Anti Declawing Chamption

The giveaway was available to all our friend WORLDWIDE. As a thank you for the support and warmth we get every week from our wonderful readers and supporters.

Harvey Button
City the Kitty Giveaway Organiser
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34 thoughts on “City The Kitty Book

  1. Oh. My. Mouses. I WON! Big purrs to all of you at the Dash Kitten Blog for hostin’ such a great giveaway and big purrs to my pal Erin (she’s a princess, you know) for sponsoring such a great prize! PURRS.


  2. My 3 kitties and I would love to have City the Kitty’s book for the holidays! Kudos to the great work to ban declawing. I have put a scratching post everywhere in the house to make scratching and stretching easy for them.

  3. What a lovely Christmas gift this would make for a cat lover! Declawing is such a huge issue, I’m glad there are a few products that can help like Soft Paws, and ways you can try to minimize clawing like having multiple scratching posts.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. I love the Paw Project! I’m so happy for City and I’m so glad that folks like you are working to spread the word about declawing!

  5. A great giveaway for CatLovers just in time for Christmas! City the Kitty supports #PawProject as do we. We are sharing to Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook 😉

  6. Nice to see she is working on banning declawing. People have no idea, and should all have to help in the vet operation room with the procedure just to see how sick it is.

  7. Very cool! We hadn’t heard of City and Lori but would love for a chance to read this book! We too agree that kitties should keep their claws!

  8. My kitties and i love City!The book sounds great im going to get it soon i hope!What a great message it delivers.

  9. City is a pawsome anipal to work so hard to make hoomans aware of how horrible declawing is! *high paw* Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win his book! ((HUGS))

  10. Longtime fans of City and his work on behalf of cats everywhere. We were created with CLAWS for very good reasons, and our servant provides scratchers and cat furniture THROUGHOUT our domain for that very purpose, as well as grooming services, however unwanted, with special cat-friendly claw clippers. 😉

  11. Dis am Pawsome Giveaway. Lori and City am amazing. We loves all the do to stop declawing kitties.
    Thanks Dash Kitten Crew fur helping with this giveaway!
    -Lil Bear who likes hims claws just the way they am…

  12. We love City and Lori! They work so tirelessly to ban declawing and were so open to sharing my story of Kitty and my interactions with the AAHA about declawing. Of course, we love Erin and her human too … we’re fortunate to call them good friends who always make our day … hmmm … EXACTLY like the Dash Kitten crew!

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