The ‘Driving Mr. Dusty’ Smartphone Video Showcase

Dusty was a frail senior, adopted by us as a family when his owner could not take him to her new rental with her family. We were happy to help by taking him in.

We discovered, after a dramatic life or death Boxing Day trip to the emergency vet in 2016, that Dusty adored car rides. He was not one who ‘sang the song of his people’ yowling all the way to the vet because he didn’t want to be in a carrier, Dusty LOVED the car! So I created what the family calls the Dusty videos.

Dusty cropped composition Tribe Image
Smartphone photo of Dusty © Dash Kitten

When he got into the car Dusty was transformed. He was engaged, alert and loved to see the world pass by from the car window. I had the privilege of filming three precious trips that capture his questing spirit.

Making the videos

The videos were shot on an iPhone 6s, not a state of the art new model. You need to know this because, even though I have learned a lot more about video making since they were made, I am still proud of these short memories and they mean a lot to me.

You can create cat videos like this after you have enjoyed a glimpse into the happy word of Dusty’s videos.


The Driving Mr Dusty Video Collection

Dusty cropped composition Tribe Image

Dusty’s Trip to Petone

My First Big Day Out

Dusty took a trip down to the esplanade and foreshore at Petone. My first capture of the boy and his love of travelling.

Travelling to Rivendell

The ‘Council of Elrond’ Site

We are close to many Lord of the Rings movie locations. Dusty took a trip where the important Council of Elrond was filmed.

On the Beach, Eastbourne

A Trip to the Beach!

See how Dusty explored a new part of town including the surf on the beach and the twisting road to the small town of Eastbourne.

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