It was no use! I was going stir crazy with the storms and rains around here! I needed outFAST! Thankfully there was a break in the weather and I went walkabout into town here. The air was full of fresh smells after the rain; grass, rainy pavements, the local deli and, passing one shoppe – old books…. The Zealandia Mystery

The Zealandia Mystery

Dash and The Zealandia Mystery

My patrol had brought me past The Old Booke Shoppe, and something Nerissa the Cat had said sprung to mind. He was keen on exploring more about Zealandia. Maybe, just maybe, there would be something here with what we had not been able to find during many online searches…… So, making sure I wasn’t seen, I slid through the door into the smell of old paper and fascinating memories…..

The Zealandia Mystery. Dash Goes to ZealandiaWhere the heck should I start?

There were rows and ROWS of books. Heck where would I find the information I wanted? OK, I took a deep breath and set to look. I knew I needed geography, history or old stuff and, after pawing along several shelves I hit paydirt (as my US friend say…) I found this book, well what was left of it anyway. A snapshot of mysterious potions, a brief mysterious telegram and a sprig of something oddly familiar, but very very old. I sniffed…..

The Zealandia Mystery. CatNip Book from ZealandiaThe mysterious spring hidden within the book

Zealandia Mystery Plant

It was a very old plant, it smelled familiar, then I realised to my astonishment it was the same plant I had seen in Nerissa’s copy of * stops to think *… Was it “Flora and Fauna of Zealandia”? Was this an ancient and rare form of Nepeta Ubiquitalis I had seen there?

I knew then that this would be of huge interest ‘nip connoisseur Nissy AND to pal Savannah another great reader and adventurer……

Hurrying out of the shop I sped home and placed the valuable book, with its sprig of ‘nip on the transporter toaster… I pressed the button, thanking Cat that our Toaster Transporters were compatible….. and with a reassuring * ding * it vanished….. will it arrive at Nerissa’s place in time…..? Check out what happened at Nerissa’s here.

Part three of The Zealandia Mystery can be found here on Savvy’s blog!

15 thoughts on “Cat Adventure The Bookshop Mystery & Travelling to Zealandia

  1. I bet it reaches its destination and we will hear more about all of this from Nerissa, at least that’s what we’ve been promised. Have a great week. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
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  2. great scot!! You should have sent it via magic closet thats the bunnies mode of transportation much more reliable…..hehehehe…..we Bunnies do love an adventure!xx Speedy your local Cheeky House Bunny

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