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The Adventurcats The Prohibition Error Part 2 (Fiction)

The Adventurcats The Prohibition Error Part 2 (Fiction)

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For >>>>Episode One <<<<< of the AdventurCats Prohibition Error ……

Now read on……

* cough cough *

Silver emerges from the smoke……. Well, that didn’t work. A wobble in the space-time continuum, but too unstable.  Let me check the results of that last…. er…. malfunction against Dash’s notes again. He must have left some ideas on how to develop it further.

I need to check the data; has there been a Prohibition Error in the calculations?

Settles down in Dash’s library to read ” ….. 

Going through those books was useful – it seems there WAS the purest high-quality nip gin and recently developed Nip Beer created at secret ‘stills’ in the USA around 1928 … Can’t read that bit …… at the height of Prohibition……

I suspect that if we ever develop turbocharged whisks…….

….potentially accuracy of adding warp whisk speed to……….”

Prohibition Error Silver the Cat reading a book in the library

Eureka! Seville!! SEVILLE!!!  This. Is. IT.  OK, I need to send a message, where’s that toaster? He was chatting about his new advances in warp whisk technology when we Skyped last week……. Holy Meow!

* Frantic ‘dinging’ of a toaster as a secret message is sent to Canada….. *

Silver’s note reads:-
“Seville! Seville, you OK there mate? I enhanced the warp whisk module you suggested. The space-time continuum wobbled – definitely wobbled. Dash’s notes are hard to read but it does mention warp whisks similar to yours. Can you get over here?”

Prohibition Error the adventurcats machine

*Seville uses the newly developed Warp Whisks to reach New Zealand in double quick time.*

“Let me see those notes Silver….. Hmmm the writing is pretty hasty – Dash must’ve been pretty close to a discovery himself when he wrote this.  With a new Turbo Warp Whisk, we would only need to tweak the dial settings a very *smudged word* amount and travel to Nip Nirvana in Prohibition USA is assured.

OK, one development Dash will not have been familiar with is the creation of my new Rubber Coated Turbo Warp Whisks.  Dash experimented with uncoated whisks but there was a lot of turbulence. Well, in 2013 at least…. “

*The boys hunker down and look at the mechanics and where to add the whisks. *

OK Silver, pass me that screwdriver. You hold the whisk at an angle just, there and I…………………

*tweak *


WOAH! That is not what I………..

See the next Episode at Nerissa’s Life on Wednesday.

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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11 thoughts on “The Adventurcats The Prohibition Error Part 2 (Fiction)”

  1. guys…..thiz storee iz rockin awesum !!! we iz on de edge oh R seetz N yez we troo lee iz on chairz……984 pawz up N heerz two whiskz that will whisk when & wear ya want !!!!! insert heartz XXX

  2. Noooo! Looks like the boys have blown up their whisks! I do hope they don’t get carried away looking for that neat Nip Gin and Nip Beer, getting caught with that was a serious crime in the 20’s. Hmm, I wonder if adding a non-stick nip coating to those new rubber coated turbo whisks would help get Savannah back in double time? Cant wait until Wednesday to see what happens next! purrs ERin

  3. Those boy cats are just to careless. *sigh* pads off to steampunk lab to start working on a proper solution to the turbo warp coated whisks.


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