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Tell a Story #52Assignments No. 22

Tell a Story #52Assignments No. 22

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According to the book 52 Assignments by Adam Juniper, which inspired this series of posts. Instagram Stories are crazy popular with millions of people and they are the most important way people use the app. App users love to tell a story, and on Instagram every picture tells a story.

So, what are ‘Stories’ and what can you do with them? How can they help you spotlight your own fabulous feline, a rescue, or a blog? Let’s explore with a quick Stories ‘How-To’.

What are Instagram Stories?

If you don’t use Instagram much or haven’t tried it yet, Stories are tiny broadcasts with a life of only 24 hours. People find them by clicking your icon along the top of their screen. You can see mine above Nemo’s portrait here.

When you click, a series of images and movies you have selected from your previously published posts of cat photos begins to play. You can add fun graphics and memes inside the app for extra fun or attention.

Tell a Story using Instagram's stories Function
Tap the circles above the image to activate individual Stories

It’s also useful to know is that Instagram directs a lot of attention to these Stories so if you are growing your cat’s Instagram account Stories will help. Each update of the IG app seems to add more functionality so my post is probably playing catch-up to the latest amazing tricks! I do know that at the moment you can only add one of each sticker/meme to each image.

How do I tell Stories?

First, for completely new folks I am adding a couple of links (at the bottom) to posts that show you how to tell a story in detail if you need an in depth tutorial. Not everyone can tell a story using the IH app immediately so check them out.

This ‘how to’ will get you started fast:

  • On the main page of the IG app swipe right or tap the plus + sign at the top of your screen.
  • You can then choose from Post, Story, Reels or Live.
  • This new screen has a swipeable menu at the bottom and a smaller menu at the side. (see image) “Different options“.
  • Use Normal for images in your feed or to take a photo and manipulate it.
  • Use Create to work in a plain background.
  • I selected the Wavy option and you can see the results in the second image ‘coming soon‘.

I have found that the more you use Stories, the more you learn about how creative you can be with them.

Tell a Story using Instagram’s Stories function
This week’s Head’s Up notice on Stories for DashPhotos2021

The most important thing, for you as a cat photographer or social media user, is that Stories introduces people to your feline photos in a different way. People who might not know you as an account, are introduced to you via your Stories and they can click to check you out and follow you.

You can also ask questions, make bold statements, or share an inspiring quote that lifted your spirits.

You can also use Instagram’s AI, so that a sticker follows an object in your video, if the object moves. Tap and hold for the ‘pin’ option.

Tell a Story – Adam Juniper
Using the ‘Questions’ option let’s you encourage interaction with the IG community.

Tell Me A Story With Hashtags

Add locations if you are anywhere you want to share, and add any cat friends or cat people who are also on Instagram so they can add your story to their own feeds. If you have a cat account you can also add #coicommunity (Cats of Instagram Community) and your own identity. I usually add #dashkittencrew and #newzealand. The #coicommunity is a closely bonded group, similar to the anipals on Twitter and it is a real pleasure to belong to.

Tap the smiley icon at the top of your screen to access :

  • @Mention (to ear burn friends)
  • #Hashtag to add a relevant hashtag e.g. #NewZealand
  • Questions – which allows you to type a question like mine.
  • Add a Poll or a Countdown
  • Add Music from Instagram
  • Search let’s you look for graphics e.g. Cats.

How to Save Your Story

If you want to save your Story to your iPhone follow these instructions. If you use Android then WikiHow has a helpful post here.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile, and tap on the menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom.
  3. Select Privacy and Security > Story Controls.
  4. Under Saving, toggle on Save to Camera Roll.
  5. Now whenever you create a Story, it will be saved to your iPhone.

Tell a Story Post Details and Tips

The 52 Assignment Posts Details:

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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10 thoughts on “Tell a Story #52Assignments No. 22”

  1. Thanks for the info and tips! I still haven’t really done any IG stories but it’s on my list of things to figure out and do LOL

  2. Great post with fantastic info, I use my laptop for everything and am going to check to see if I can do stories also, thanks for the lesson and the blog hop

  3. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to create a story on IG … at least I have a smartphone now if I can ever motivate myself to try!

  4. We like the idea but use our computer for all our content. Dad is thinking of getting a new phone so maybe soon

  5. I used to have lots of social media accounts and now I only have my blog. It’s less stressful.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  6. OH, MY!! This is making my head spin…I do have an IG, but I don’t use it except maybe to see other’s things…LOL!
    Now I know why I try to keep my life simple as possible…Its not really too simple, but I do not need more things to keep me attached to my computer…since I don’t have a smart phone…Hmmm…maybe that is a good thing! LOL!

  7. We haven’t really ventured into IG stories, but maybe we will after your great tutorial. Thanks, Marjorie!

  8. Very interesting. It’s pretty complicated (when you haven’t done it), to tell stories like that. I have instagram but never do much on there since my fingers aren’t phone friendly. Just in case, thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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