Tech Tips for Beginners

Tech Tips for Beginners

Silver here, I have some Tech Tips for the absolute technical klutz or newbie wandering the computer aisles.

Feel like you are from the age of that train at the top of thus post?  Don’t feel you are part of the shiny high tech future? Do you lack confidence to do stuff online?

Here’s a few suggestions to get you some confidence, and allow you to look your computer in the eye with no fear!

Try These Tech Tips for a Nervous Newbie

  • Technology doesn’t come with a readable manual  – so check so see if there is a Missing Manual. O’Reilly Media provide print and ebooks for iPod, WordPress, Windows 8, Galaxy tablet, whatever.  For Dummies does the same. Bottom line is books give you plenty of important information to start you off and answer plenty of your basic questions
  • If you are installing software.  Take this slowly especially if you are nervous, or lack confidence. Software should come with basic documentation, or be downloadable from the ‘net with simple instructions. When in doubt – ask for help; check online for other people asking similar questions. YouTube has plenty of ‘how to use’ videos so look there too.
 NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech
  •  Terminology can be terrifying! SEO, Google Apps, App Store, HTML, tags….. RAM, sim card…… Eeeeek so DEEEEP BREATH. First things first. These are just words describing what something does. They tell us something about the technology. Each is a word; simply letters OK? It won’t bite.  Do a search – type in, say “Define HTML”, and up will come a heap of definitions telling you what it is. You won’t become an expert but you will know roughly what the stuff says!
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets. Do not tinker with this until your confidence is in tip top shape. CSS is not a beginner area.  If you want to explore how the web is built check out the w3Schools site.
  • Be Patient. Don’t envy those people who seem proficient – they had to learn from scratch too.  Spend time learning about your technology, read about it. Even experts are constantly updating their knowledge – you are doing the same. Well done you!

Now, where did I put that manual…..

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