Suday Selfie

Takin’ My Easy

Hello everyone. Welcome to our kitty cat easy in the Sunday Selfies! We are glad to see you this week and apologise for our late arrival visiting you all this past week. Mum was working.
As Summer is racing towards us and the bright sun shines, I am enjoying more garden time. There is still a chill that settles overnight though, so I snuggle in the heated doughnut bed that Peanut used to love, and it was here mum caught me!

The Secret of A Kitty Cat Easy

Here, on my heated bed, I am ready and waiting for Mum to arrive to get my breakfast as soon as I see her go into the kitchen!
Please join us on the internet’s best and friendliest blog hop. The Kitties Blue are the best ever and you need to visit them to to get into the easy groove.
Tomorrow we will be posting our Cat Cat Preview Movie! see you then.
Harvey Button Easy Guy!

13 thoughts on “Takin’ My Easy

  1. Harvey, Queen Penelope was a lover of heated beds! I, Marvelous, am a lover of the big bed and avoid ALL the cat and dog beds in the townhouse.
    I must say, you look must cuddly.

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