Steampunk Low Tech Train

Tech Tips for Beginners

Silver here, I have some Tech Tips for the absolute technical klutz or newbie wandering the computer aisles. Feel like you are from the age of that train at the top of thus post?  Don’t feel you are part of the shiny high tech future? Do you lack confidence to do stuff online? Here’s a few suggestions to get you some confidence, and allow you to look your computer in the eye with no fear! Try These Tech Tips for a Nervous Newbie Technology doesn’t come with a readable manual  – so check so see if there is a Missing Manual. O’Reilly Media provide print and ebooks for iPod, WordPress, Windows 8, Galaxy tablet, whatever.  For Dummies does the same. Bottom line is books give you plenty of important information to start you off and answer plenty of your basic questions If you are installing software.  Take this slowly especially … Continue reading Tech Tips for Beginners