Social Media Twitter Tips For Users

Silver here with our latest Twitter tips. Some folks just don’t get Twitter like we do – this is for you. Twitter is awesome and fun and we love being there, but, it can get distressing when people share the wrong kinds of information. First and top tip – Tweet Responsibly. Don’t just share a Twitter post with an ‘angry’ OMG! Mum came across a post that showed a video of a kitten being hurt. It upset her – so much so that she made a formal complaint. The video was tweeted by some foolish person without any link to an appeal, or a way of protesting about the video’s appearance. It was simply posted with an irresponsible “OMG!” comment. It brought home to us, powerfully, how important it is to judge what we tweet – not just retweet anything that looks like a ’cause’.  We all follow favourite causes in our timelines – people like @Barbi_Twins, @PetsAreFound, … Continue reading Social Media Twitter Tips For Users