Senior Cat Appreciation

It’s time we believe, for some Senior Cat Appreciation, especially after the loss of dear Sister Kit at Brian’s family and Selfie regular Mr Jack Freckles.

It is wrong to think you can toss out an older pet like a piece of old outdated machinery, or outdated software. ¬†As¬†senior cats (and pups) age they change and, hey look at that, all humans do to. Wouldn’t you know it. Maybe the hard hearted humans should remember that sometime eh?

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Why Our Blog Celebrate Senior Cat Appreciation

Senior cat behaviour can get a bit odd, and we are less nimble on our paws, but the gratitude we feel for a safe home is boundless. The love we give has no equal, and you are privileged if you are caring for an older cat.

We have written about our experiences and why we feel lucky to be cared for seniors.

  • Our senior boy Dusty wrote, with mum’s help, a gratitude post. In it he tells of the gifts he received as a senior.
  • Mum wrote a celebratory post after our fospice senior Nemo passed away. It is a celebration of his gifts to us.
  • We received many gists from Dusty including his Driving Mr Dusty travels. What a joy they were, and remain for us now.
  • We also had some senior drama…. Thanks Dusty!

Mum is proud to have us to care for and, like Brian and his dad, she grieves for the cats who go before but, would we change a moment? Never!

Which reminds me. Never give up. There may be news about Sadie on Brian’s blog tomorrow. I’m not sure, it’s a faint rumour….

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Celebrate Life and Remember Sister Kit
Senior Cat Appreciation Correspondent
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Sister Kit by

Mr Jack Frackles