Pet Parent or Pet Owner

There has been much discussion recently some due to this article, also general chat about being a pet parent or a pet owner. Mum does not consider herself a pet parent, she is British and finds the term a bit odd. However, she knows many of her colleagues and friends use it and respects their right and wish to do so. Mum loves us all, we are the prime beneficiaries of her Will but she found the term uncomfortable until……. The subject came up online and an amicable, interesting discussion that took place between pet blogging colleagues.  Pet Parent Or Pet Owner? It was an illuminating comment from colleague Susie Barnes McGavin who says that the term pet parent is meant to make people feel more responsible for their pet. [our underline] We read this and had a real lightbulb moment, an epiphany! Susie points out that …. it’s easy … Continue reading Pet Parent or Pet Owner