Lou the Cat on Purrito at Live Love Meow

Meet Lou from Live Love Meow

This week I am interviewing Lou  of Live Love Meow, he’s the KEO (Kitty Executive Officer). A mancat with a message and a Mom of action to back him up. Welcome Lou, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for DashKitten.com. Hi, Dash.  It’s an honor to be interviewed on your blog.  I’m glad to be here. Can you give me a quick ‘sketch’ of who, and where, in the world you are? Well, I’m Lou, the cat. I’m the much-loved feline half of Live Love Meow blog  and usually the voice on our Twitter account @livelovemeow. We are from the East Coast of the USA, a place known as New Hampshire.  My favorite place there is near the beach. Live Love Meow was formed after Mom and I joined Twitter, and realized that there was a need for people who could, and would, help other people and their cats–and do it … Continue reading Meet Lou from Live Love Meow