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Meet the New Dash Kitten Staff

Our Founder Cat Dash Kitten set up this blog with the intention of helping others, passing on well researched guidance, and fun. We were going to hold off until 6th October but Dash LOVED his International Pet Blogging friends and was working enthusiastically towards International Pet Blogging Month … We have thought, pondered, and worried and we cannot stand on the sidelines any longer – we need to help. So the new team from DashKitten is here to carry on our Founder Cat’s wishes. We hope, to follow in Dash’s pawsteps continuing to spotlight New Zealand (Middle Earth); keep anipals informed on current issues, and (Miranda’s favourite) shopping. Without further ado, let me introduce the new Dash Kitten Staff. Miranda Kitten – taking up the baton of Dash Kitten Staff Editor of the DK Team She will be covering major stories and pet shopping, – alongside which we hope to include … Continue reading Meet the New Dash Kitten Staff