Cat in the window

Cat Skin Issue Harvey the Foster Update

UPDATE Harvey was taken for a visit to our local vet, who is of the opinion that the problem is ‘nerves’. We have a tablet called ‘Suppress’ and will begin to try the washes and dressings suggested by pals. Harvey no longer spends all of his time hiding under the bed, he is venturing out into the house much more. ……………. posts do not shy away from tough issues, we respect our readers enough to confront issues like pet grief; and fight tough for those in need.  This week the spotlight falls on our foster cat Harvey from Upper Hutt Animal Rescue. Harvey’s Cat Skin Issue (Background) Harvey has come to our fur family after being abandoned twice, he comes with nervous issues, and a tough medical problem, but he is a sweet natured and affectionate boy.  The picture below is deliberately blurry as the ‘rash’ is quite distressing for … Continue reading Cat Skin Issue Harvey the Foster Update