The National Feral Cat mafia tshirt

Feral Cat Mafia TShirts Make a Statement

Welcome as we go to The Feral Cat Mafia for some cool pet shopping this Saturday. Something all cat, and TNR lovers, will covet. Any movie aficionado will love the Godfather reference which gives this wearable a real edge! Over at cat blog Vox Felina they take feline issues very seriously, and after the infamous furore over Ted Williams and the Audubon Society – Vox Felina are making a strong statement in support of ferals. Feral Cat Tees If you value and support community cats, or even feed ferals yourself, it is a statement you can support by buying t-shrits like these men‘s or ladies tshirt styles.  There is a super cool hoody, and a simple take everywhere tote. On the basis that you don’t get mad (which helps no-one) you get even. This helps the ferals) so as you can imagine, we think this apparel totally rocks! The Feral Cat Mafia … Continue reading Feral Cat Mafia TShirts Make a Statement