Dash Kitten Memorial

Memorial Tree for Dash Kitten

When we booked our Tree Man do some heavy duty garden work, and plant a New Zealand native palm. It was not meant to be what it has become, a memorial for Dash Kitten. Our Tree Man rang up yesterday and requested that we bring forward our work as the weather anticipated on our previously scheduled date was expected to be ‘severe’. Today’s weather is down to deteriorate to storm force winds and rain, so we are glad we did. Placing the Nikau Palm As a result, the Tree Man visited today and the first thing we did was discuss the siting of our Nikau Palm  He advised semi shade and sheltered, and, the ideal situation turned out to be close to where Dash was found by our neighbour, which seems fitting. The palm is a New Zealand native, just like Dash Kitten. It is about 10 years old at … Continue reading Memorial Tree for Dash Kitten