A Selfie of Miranda Kitten

A selfie of Miranda Kitten has got to be a good thing – right? Our selfie is a quick snap of her that manages to look awesome, and totally cool, at the same time, all by accident!

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A Sad Selfie Note

We have had some generous kind words from Pipo and Minko’s blog recently – they are the kindest of people. Sadly we learned of the sudden death of Minko and, of course, our hearts grieve as they have been such a joy to visit in the blog hop. To Minko Mom, and Minko Dad, our deepest condolences on your loss. Minko was a total star. 

Vet in Stokes Valley

A Selfie of Miranda Kitten RIP Minko

Silver Kitten





Dash Locket Sunday Selfie

Welcome to the Dash Locket Sunday Selfie after a major net outage that left us unable to post this week.

BUT we are back for our buddies The Cat on My Head and the celebration of friendship that is the Sunday Selfie! We apologise not visiting everyone but we will get you all this week – and make up for our ‘missing in action’ non comments! Never joined the Sunday Selfie? Please do, just grab the badge, add the link and have a blast! 

Oh, you want to know about the locket selfie?……..

The Dash Locket

When Dash was killed, three years ago, we got a locket, hoping it would be a fitting memorial, but were never happy with it.  Then just before Valentine’s Day Mum and Dad went into a local jewellery shop. Not the junk jewellers you find in every Mall, but a family owned business, Sherringtons, and they had this locket. Dad suggested he buy it for Mum as a gift for Valentine’s and she loved the idea.

Sunday Selfie graphic

It is silver, and they engraved Dash’s name, then carefully transferred the fur and Dash’s picture to the new and most precious of places. 

We all love it and are glad we have a fitting memorial for our blog’s Founder Cat.

Dusty Cat
Sunday Selfie Presenter
Dash Kitten Blog Dusty






Pet Book Shopping with Dixie Hemingway

Pet Shopping with Dixie Hemingway indeed! One of our Twitter friends did a review of a Dixie Hemingway book for a book club discussion on Twitter, and was so enthusiastic that we had to check them out.

Who?  What? Dixie Hemingway? Blaize Clement????????

Who is Dixie Hemingway?

We checked further on author Blaize Clement, and the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. It turns out that Ms Clement passed away in 2011, but her books are beloved by so many that her son, John Clement, is carrying on the series, which is now at 11 books. This is one popular series. You can find the books on Amazon Smile here, and the first book here as a paperback or hardback copy. 

Pet Book Shopping with Dixie Hemingway

We have been reading, and loving Dixie – in two formats! It seems that Kobo (I have a Kobo Glo e-reader) have the first four books, not the rest, so we have to order the rest as printed books from America. As we love them, this is no hardship!

Why do we love the Dixie Hemingway Books?

Well, they are an escape into another world for us, the heat and exotic climate of Florida, the amazing location on a set of islands off the mainland of Florida. The fact Dixie loves and cares for animals and can’t seem to keep her out of trouble!

Dixie has been threatened, kidnapped, and swept of her feet, but can fearlessly brandish a gun. She meets strange, quirky and wild people, who are as deftly described as the pets she cares for. We really feel the tropical weather and it’ almost like visiting Siesta Key itself. You enter another world the moment you open a Dixie Hemingway book.

The stories don’t dwell on blood and gore, they offer a gentler approach, and there are times when you need that, not the hopelessness of ‘reality tv’ and blood soaked murder mysteries.

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Finally, Mum and I have found that in each book, there is a nugget of truth that we can relate to. Maybe about love, or friendship or being true to yourself.  We will be re-reading the ebooks and printed books more than once, to enter the exotic world of a pet sitter, one I think I would like to look after me when Mum goes away!

Finally, we made an amazing discovery! You can travel Midnight Pass Road, with Dixie Hemingway. Really you can! Check it out here.

Until next time!

International Worldwide Pet Blogging


Sunday Selfie #56 Dash Kitten Double with Peanut

Two years ago today we lost Dash Kitten in a dog attack. He had been blogging with a passion, and was neck deep on social media making an host of friends, people we still love and value today. He was a member of the #wlf and proudly wears its beret. Thank you to The Cat on My Head for this chance to join our our fellow blog hoppers for the Sunday Selfie.

Mum and Peanut, New Year’s Day 2011

In Memoriam. On Saturday 5th of September 2015 we lost lady Peanut our cat of 19 happy and joyful years. Ann Adamus created a beautiful memorial graphic that will be our Feature Image for the Celebration of Peanut post we will work on, with pictures going back to 1998. You celebrate that which you love; so Peanut will be celebrated with great joy and love. We will miss her more than any words can say.

Peanut, Forever Grand Dame of Dash Kitten

Marjorie, Harvey, Miranda, Silver and Phoebe
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Dixie Hemingway Pet Detective and Google

Many of you have read our review of pet detective Dixie Hemingway, in the books by Blaize and John Clement. We love reading about the pet sitter in Florida and her descriptions of a world so different from our own. Well, we made a discovery that we think is kind of magic. Maybe you know already but for us this is special….

Did you realise that Siesta Key exists? That it’s a real place? Well, we wondered, as geography is not my strong point. We usually leave stuff like that to pal Seville the Cat – so we looked the place up on Google maps, and, it’s here. (Google Maps). We were thrilled to find it, as thrilled as when we found out Mr John Clement has continued doing a great job continuing his Mom’s series about our favourite pet detective.

International Literacy

Anyone who knows the Dixie Hemingway books, follows her as she drives up and down Midnight Pass Road, the central thoroughfare of Siesta Key, going about her business, thinking and puzzling over mysteries and crimes. In n our dreams we thought, maybe we could do that too. So we did it! Did what? We fired up Google maps and we hopped into a virtual car and drove the virtual road, exploring the real Siesta Key of our pet detective heroine, exploring its byways, and, you know what? We think this it’s cool to be able to do this!

We may never visit Siesta Key, but we can see the real place, connected with books we love and – well we thought that all of a sudden the world seemed a bit brighter,  a bit more amazing! Have you ever been surprised to find a place in one of your books is real, did you find it as magical as we do?

Phoebe Kitten
Finder of Amazing Things about
Dixie Hemingway Pet Detective
Phoebe from Dash Kitten