Wellington Harbour with Cruise Ship

Middle Earth Monday Cruise Ships

During the Summer months massive cruise ships visit Wellington’s harbour, docking at Aotea Quay.  They absolutely fizz with people keen to explore the city. Some take the walk into town, and some the shuttlebus or a taxi – everything is just a short walk away once you are in the city itself. One of the most popular attractions is ‘Wellywood‘. OK, this isn’t just one place, but there is a lot of information here, including a downloadable Wellington Film Map with lots of locations.  The Roxy Cinema and Rivendell are two special places worth a trip (The Roxy features in a future Middle Earth Monday!) These pictures were taken from busy Customhouse Quay that sweeps around Westpac Stadium. The huge cruise ships are so close you can see the individual cabins. The banner at the top of this page gives a great idea of how the cruise ships look from … Continue reading Middle Earth Monday Cruise Ships