Dash Kitten Memorial Blanket Newt The Cat

The Dash Kitten Memorial Blanket

This post is not a short one. We make no excuses for its length because it has been a long time coming, and there are a lot of Thank You’s to be said. Thank you’s for a secret that was silently kept, until a box arrived on our doorstep on the 13th of March 2014. A box that was unexpected, carried a miracle and a warmth we never thought we would feel again after Dash Kitten died on 6th September 2013. Here’s the story :- A few days before Mum and Dad were setting off on their first vacation in a few years we had a message from @NewtTheCat our Liver Shunt pal from Twitter.  ‘Something’ was on the way Something Impawtant ……… We were puzzled, but thought Newt had sent mum some fibre as they are both crazy spinning wheel owners, so nodded and kept our eyes open. On … Continue reading The Dash Kitten Memorial Blanket