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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world movie premiere of Dusty’s Big Day Out, by the Dash Kitten Crew! We had no idea what a cat traveller and adventurecat he was.

The world of adventure is expanding for cats. Dusty was ahead of the game and, like other adventurecats, ready for some fun.

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Dusty’s Big Day Out – What Gives, I Hear You Say?

As Dusty is unwell Mum and Dad decided to take him on a ‘Big Day Out’ so he could enjoy a car ride and a visit to the beach. The weather was perfect for his road trip, and it is with pride that we present our movie to celebrate what turned out to be a perfect and wonderful day.

We learned, just after Christmas, that Dusty loves to ride in the car, his spirits lift and his eyes light up. The discovery was made by accident when Dusty had his epic drama day, the day we thought we were losing him, which you can check here.  

Dusty the Cat

If you can imagine it, we have a cat who loves cars! No singing the song of his people, our Dusty was alert and engaged with travelling and ready to have fun.

It was such an adventure for a Senior Cat 

We just knew we had to share Dusty’s newly discovered hobby with you all. So many cats hate cars, many of the Dash Kitten Crew do, but Dusty LOVES to travel!

Please enjoy Dusty’s Big Day Out video, it was made with great love and pride in our little senior man. The Kitties Blue are honouring our friend Nellie, the Cat From Hell, and we can think of no better tribute than her splendid pumpkin which she honoured us with this year. 

It got us thinking! Do you love to travel, are you a kitty car ride fan? Let us know adventurecats.

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