Buster's Winter Folly

Buster’s Winter Folly Book Review

Hi guys, Phoebe here, I have been allowed to host the Middle-Earth Monday Book Review ‘Buster’s Winter Folly’ as I am the youngest in the family. {Affiliate Link} Buster’s Winter Folly Kristin Schumacher had a dream of paying tribute to her cat Buster, who has quite a story.  His origins inspired Buster’s Winter Folly and we wanted to support this campaign from the start. We were delighted when Kristin Schumacher’s Kickstarter campaign achieved its goal. Kristin says “It’s a story about how to take care of pets, without lecturing, a story about how to find a lost pet, and a story from Buster’s prospective about bullying and learning a lesson about going out without a guardian, or a friend, or identification or telling someone“ Buster became a much loved member of Kristin’s family, and even ended up wearing a little sweater (see the Kickstarter page for that story). Here she … Continue reading Buster’s Winter Folly Book Review