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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Harvey :- Silver, what’s this about August the 17th being Black Cat Appreciation Day? I’m white and I don’t have a special day of my own? . Silver :- * looks up from his laptop* Well, Harvey, no, but you are not considered unlucky, or evil. Black Cat Appreciation day is when we point out all the good things black cats are and stamp hard on the ugly untruths. Mum told me these ancient superstitions and lies come from the Middle Ages in Europe (before the USA was even born)!  The Middle Ages was, in case you didn’t know – about 500 to 1500 AD. . Harvey :-  * indignant * But, but…. but….. Black Cats are not lucky or unlucky they are just cats of a different colour! . Silver :- * thinks * OK Harvey, we can be an help for friends can’t we.  I had better get … Continue reading Black Cat Appreciation Day