Can You Mend Swarovski Crystal?

Can You Mend Swarovski Crystal?

Mum got a beautiful Main Coon cat made from Swarovski Crystal for Christmas! He is the most beautiful sparkly thing, and ……….. his tail came off! What a shock for Mum!

After standing there for a moment she asked herself ‘where is there a crystal repair service near me?’  Would we need to track down some crystal repair glue? Luckily Dad had bought the kitty in Wellington at the official Swarowski shop (which is FULL of pretty things!) so she headed there for help. There was no need to ask how to glue crystal back together because they solved all her problems.

Hurrah for Mending Crystal and Returning Kitties

  • After hours of panic and worry Lisbeth the cat came home to the Kitties Blue. You can imagine the stress and worry of a vanished kitty for the Blue household so we are super thankful the girl came back safe and sound.
  • Second Good News bulletin: Swarovski sent our crystal kitty away to be mended at their crystal repair service in Australia!

Swarovski Cat Main Coon


How they do this we don’t know but we will do some investigating!

Our fabulous crystal feline’s tail snapped off at the base but has been returned good as new and there is no visible break. Are we thankful? You bet! It’s not as if Mum was throwing him around the room or anything. Be careful how you polish crystal guys! It was a scary moment stood there with an accidental two part cat!

  • Mum was told, by the shop staff in the official Swarovski shop, that our Maine Coon cat was still under warranty so was sent away for free. If your Swarovski has been damaged, we suggest you check their page which lists the Replacement and Repair Conditions. You will be able to see if/how you can organise your own repair or replacement.

Swarovski Cat Main Coon
The cat is the most lovely thing and sparkles beautifully in electric light. This must be the magic of Swarovski crystal right?

Have a good week-end folks and remember to check our appeal for Sweet Albert.

Marjorie and Miranda Kitten
Swarovski Admirers.





Albert the perfect patient
Albert’s Go Fund Me can be reached by Clicking on his picture. His carers are solid gold good people.

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  1. That’s bootyful. Mommy has a few crystal things that she’s had fur a long time. She don’t let anypawdy near ’em. MOL Glad ya’ got it fixed. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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