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This post is sponsored by Sure Petcare and we received a complimentary ‘Surefeed‘ for review.  We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers because you matter to us. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post.

Oh, and Dusty has said he will not give the feeder back!


Let me set the scene. A little senior cat is enjoying a peaceful moment.

“Hmmm Sure Petcare feeder for cats eh? An automatic pet bowl they said….. Keeps my food fresh they said. Keeps it from getting dry they said…… * Dusty the senior cat drifts off to sleep…*  Well, I can dream…… ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz


I heard Mum call from her office. She called again…….. “DUSTY”  I sat up and tried to pay attention.

“You don’t eat all your food at once do you?” she asked. I admitted that sometimes, as a frail senior, I tend to forget my food is there, but I remember when I get hungry! It’s difficult being a newly adopted rescue senior. I am still learning that I can eat what I want.

‘I have been asked to review what looks like a very smart bowl that would keep your food moist, it’s called the SureFeed. Would you like to try it?’ My ears perked up. ‘Would I? You bet I would’.

‘Can I help write the review too?’

Dusty reviews the Surefeed Sealed Pet Feeder

There are lots of cat dishes and feeders but this must be one of the top pet products we have tried in our fur family. As an ecologically conscious family, we were impressed from the very start. The packaging is smart, sturdy and recyclable. The feeder was also very securely packed for its journey to our door. It is as good as the water fountain for cats we reviewed recently.

Setting up the bowl is super easy. No complicated fiddling and fussing. Just add the batteries underneath and you are ready to go. There is a comprehensive ‘How To’ manual, if you don’t feel confident at any point, but wait? Why do you need a manual?  

Dusty *grins* ‘Let me tell you more’.

SureFeed Sealed Pet Feeder

What we love about the SureFeed Sealed Bowl

  • The Petcare feeder takes four 1.5v C size batteries. This makes it a solid and stable weight which is not easy to push across the floor. There are no cables to trip on or snag a claw on, or for kittens to chew. The batteries last about six months, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Sure Petcare, the award-winning makers of the SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder, are everywhere on social media. So, if you need help you can find them! They also give back to local rescues in the UK. We love a company with a conscience!
  • The bowl base is a clean white and our fitted bowl (a grey one) sits snugly in the top. Because I can nudge food out of the bowl, mum found out quickly that the set up is easy to clean. 
  • You can get bowls in a selection of colours. Check out some of the range available in our local Animates store (pictured above). Note:- the bowl is hand-washable only but its size means this is no hassle at all. You can also get divided bowls with two compartments.
  • The open and shut lid that keeps the food fresh is reassuringly quiet.
  • For those who prefer metal bowls, Sure Petcare has a recently developed set of metal bowls that fit the feeder. If they are not in stock, contact Sure Petcare on their social media channels.

Dusty Loves the SureFeed

What makes the Petcare Bowl a Top Feeder for us? It has a Manual.

Wait, this comes with a manual

Yes, and it is the most friendly and easy to read stuff you could hope to find. It covers all the questions you might have about the automatic feeder and its use including:

  • How the cat feeder works:
  • Fitting the batteries
  • What the buttons and lights do
  • How the sensors work
  • Where to place the bowl (important do’s and don’ts here) and
  • An explanation of the Training Mode.

SureFeed Sealed Pet Feeder

Why Do You Need a ‘Training Mode’ on a Cat Food Bowl?

This is a masterstroke by the developers of the feeder. How many of your humans will be saying ‘Oh but I could never get my cat to use that‘. As a fur family, we think you would be very pleasantly surprised. We also know what your arguments might be, so let us explain one of the most impressive elements of the SureFeed.

Dusty’s Report of the Training Function

The hinged transparent lid slides up and down, triggered by sensors on the front and sides of the feeder. This movement would scare cats the most, right? Enter the ‘Training Mode‘ which allows your human to set up a staged introduction. This is what Mum did with me, so we can say paw on heart, that this works.

  • Stage 1 – The lid stays open. This allowed me to get used to the shape, size and set up of the bowl. It is deep enough that even I could not push big amounts of food out.
  • Stage 2 – There is a small amount of movement in the lid as the sensors kick in. It’s about an inch/2.5 cms or so. Just enough to introduce the idea of movement near the bowl. I took a few days to get used to this.
  • Stage 3 – More movement is introduced when I approach the feeder. The lid moves about halfway across. As soon as I approach the feeder the lid slides quietly back.  It did not take me too long to stop being a bit surprised and simply tuck into my food.
  • Stage 4 – The lid closes fully between feeds, but it opens quietly when I approach the feeder.
  • This stage has taken a while for me to become familiar with. Mum believes slow and steady is the key to an introduction and believes we rushed this step. We decided to take a step backwards and try again. I am happier with the bowl this time.

SureFeed Sealed Pet Feeder

Patience is Key with the SureFeed Cat Feeder. It Really Pays Dividends

This is a high-quality pet bowl, an investment of your money and time, which is why the Training Mode impressed us so much.

At every stage in the manual you are told – be patient, do not rush. Allow your cat to become used to each stage of the bowl in their own time.

There is no rigid timetable – your cat is your guide – days, weeks or a month is the investment you make for a happy cat familiar with the bowl. You can set out for work, or a day’s commitments, with a happy heart and a clear conscience.

Did I like it? Honestly? Yes. I am really happy with the bowl. Mum fills in the morning, and I can dip into the feeder during the day. It is washed and my food refreshed for my evening meal. It took me a while to get used to the feeder motion and sound, but then I’m a senior, albeit an active one. Mum and I worked as a team, learning the bowl’s operation and sounds. If we can – you can too!

Suppliers :-

Animates New Zealand

Surefeed Our Amazon USA Affiliates Link

Surefeed Our UK Amazon Affiliates Link

We also recommend checking locally and your country’s online stores for buying options. The SureFeed is available worldwide.

Dusty Cat
Sure Petcare Pet Feeder Review

Dusty our senior and most recent blogger


39 thoughts on “The SureFeed Sealed Feeder Review

  1. Fantastic comprehensive review of what seems like a great product. I’m still searching for a system to feed my 10 cats, some of whom are grazers and others just wolf down their food. This will be perfect for my crew! I think I’ll start out with two sets for my slow eating seniors first.

  2. I absolute love mine. I had an overweight cat, a greedy cat, a sick cat on medicated food, and a dog. I can’t tell you how happy having three of the feeders made us. BUT…

    I HATE the plastic bowls. ? I can’t find a metal or ceramic one that fits comfortable in that slot. Really hope there’s a solution soon.

    1. Paige, I checked the site for up-to-date Sureflap information. I believe a non plastic option is on the horizon (one of our cats has an allergy to plastic so I can understand concerns on this element). There are two options on the site at the moment which might be worth considering. I am going to contact SureFlap to see if there is any news of when a ceramic or steel bowl might launch.

  3. I would definitely use something like this with my kitties. I love that it has a training mode. My first thought when I read about the motorized lid was “would my cats be scared of that?” I think the training mode would help a lot with that. Your kitties seem to be loving this feeder. In my home have a feeder device for small dog.

  4. Gracie needs the dog version of this! She tends to leave food in her bowl too. I don’t give her wet food, but I do mix in coconut oil in her food which tends to make it moist. If she lets it sit out all day, it gets kinda gross looking.

  5. Great review and interesting product. I’m not that familiar with cats but I certainly can’t see this working with my dogs.

  6. This feeder is pawsome! I would definitely use something like this with my kitties. I love that it has a training mode. My first thought when I read about the motorized lid was “would my cats be scared of that?” I think the training mode would help a lot with that. Your kitties seem to be loving this feeder!

  7. With two labs and a pit bull in the house, we are unfamiliar with the concept of not inhaling one’s food within seconds of it hitting the bowl 😉 That being said, I think you have just provided me with the perfect holiday gift for my friends with cats. This is a fantastic review that almost makes me think it’s time to add a kitten to the crew…almost 😉

  8. Dusty your product review blew us away! Honest! Just the best review ever! Of course we really admire this product as well, but your review made me and Mom L wanna go back and redo ours!! heh…heh! We have shared.

  9. Oh wow that looks amazing, we’ll have to see if we can get one in the U.K., thanks fur such a thorough and detailed review, a really great post!


    Basil & Co xox

  10. Sounds like a great product! I love it for those who free feed, now there’s no worry about ants getting into the food, or it getting dried out. Clever to have a training mode and personally I like the colour selection.

  11. We are seriously considering getting one of these for our new senior Sunny, who with stage 3 kidney disease, needs to transition to kidney disease-friendly food without everyone else getting to it first. Thank you for your honest review!

  12. I just recommended this to my co-worker!! It’s such a great idea!! I have 2 Labradors, so there is NEVER food laying around the house! Haha!

  13. Just wonder… Will it protect my food from the army of little tiny red ants ? we got a lots here in Thailand. And they are fast speed ants like you never ever seen !

  14. What an excellent product and thanks for such a thorough review of it’s features & benefits. I am certainly going to see if I can buy one in Sydney. I’m soon returning to full time work and have been wondering what my cats will do when I won’t be around to serve a fresh evening meal (especially the senior 13yr old) – this article has been VERY helpful. Thanks.

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