Sunshine Shade-y Selfie with Sienna

Sunshine Shade-y Selfie with Sienna

As a tortie I am used to creating trouble but I do take my easy on a shady Sunday when The Cat on my Head says it’s time for the Sunday Selfies!

Summer is coming closer here in New Zealand, so on a sunny day us cats enjoy the quiet and the peace of a shady corner, or a step!

I am currently posing on our garden deck’s up and down step which is made of a rather aged looking wood. This means it is also good for scratching and keeping our claws in trim.

Have a good Sunday, and we will enjoy seeing you all when you grab the badge, and join the link party!

Dash Kitten Crew Tortie
Tortie Cat Sienna





  1. Thats a lovely selfie, were you watching your peep gardening? Older wood is lovely and warm to rest and watch the mice and birds and butterflies from.
    Toodle pip and purrs

  2. Gosh! You are a beautiful tortie! My Mommy has a special place in her heart for Torties!
    And what a beautiful selfie! We are looking forward to winter here!

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